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Improved and cost-effective customer communications at one of the Indian TSP

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Indian broadband and telecommunications service provider realised that the growing competition made personalized and efficient customer communication a critical factor.


  • Incorporating design changes in bill layouts posed a huge challenge in terms of time, skill and coding effort on the operations.
  • The legacy system could not support advanced printing options which translated into higher printing costs.
  • Bills were manually sorted and sent for distribution since electronic bill sorting was not possible in the legacy system, resulting in inaccurate distribution in addition to higher manpower costs.


The solution provided the TSP with a unified remedy that seamlessly integrated with the existing core billing application and other databases to present current and correct information on the bills.

Business value:

  • The solution created a central repository of PDF files, which can be accessed by CRM self-care, and other users. It obviated data duplication and, thus resulted in a reduction in storage costs.
  • Reduced dependency on manpower to sort bills (according to various criteria like sorting bills according to Post code and sorting bills of new subscribers for inserting welcome letters) resulted in lowering of distribution costs

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