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UniServe™ NXT delivered customer experience and faster revenue realization for the first telecommunications company in Oman

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Over the years this telecom in Oman had their enterprise customers constitute a major source for them. So their major goal was now to enhance customer experience across all customer segments.

Some of their challenges:

  • Billing systems operating in silos
  • Lack of online portal to organize and analyse their transactions
  • Lack of reports on past expenditure
  • No consistency in sending payment alerts and reminders

Solution at work

With a 360-degree view of transactions our solution empowers enterprise customers to get a grip on telecom invoice management. Built on UniServe™ platform, the solution is a comprehensive portal through which corporate customers can create cost center, assign users and analyse spend patterns.

Value delivered

  • Liberty to view enterprise customer information.
  • Empowered the enterprise customers to take centralized control of their mobile expenditure
  • Easy to use interface, personalized address book, advanced analytics on customer usage patterns and much more.


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