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Improve Business-Critical Contract Management Processes with UniServe™ NXT

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The objective:

  • The objective was to standardize templates, enforce approval policies, define SLA terms and capture SLA data from contractors.
  • With a vast array of information existing in disparate back-end systems, the TSP was looking for a solution that can readily aggregate and efficiently present their contract-related information.
  • Their existing system did not digitalize the process of contract management to empower enterprise users to proactively manage alerts and arrest revenue leakage.

The Solution helped the TSP

  • Reduce cycle time for contracts with automated alerts for renewals through digitalization of contract management
  • Improve contract visibility and compliance
  • The automated functionality of timely alerts helped arrest revenue leakage and reduce operational costs of managing contracts
  • Improved CX with faster turnaround time of contract renewals and proactive alerts system
  • The Contract Management Solution helped automate, simplify and streamline the full contract management lifecycle, helping the TSP improve customer relationship management, better monetize their networks and increase bottom-line profitability by enabling informed business decisions, and reducing contract management costs.


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