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This global leader in consumer finance with more than 118 million satisfied customers, entered into a joint venture with a leading local Indian Bank to provide customized financial services.

Challenges faced:

  • E-mail penetration was very low at 18% of the total subscriber base
  • Scope to increase revenue generated from third party advertisements
  • Most of the messages were through mass marketing offers
  • Multiple channels and multiple applications were being used to send out communications
  • Third party vendor was involved in printing of customer thereby leaving very little scope for sending personalized communication

Solution at work:

  • Customized messages based on the user’s registration on the online portal of the service provider. Display benefits accrued on value added services like cash back, processing fee reversal, bonus reward points on booking Flexipay, website offer (paying bill online), and M-shop offers (paying bills using mobile)
  • Secured communication through e-mail with enhanced password protection, digital signatures, and encryption capabilities
  • Corporate statements to corporate program managers (responsible for payment), which provide a consolidated summary of all the cards issued within a corporate.

Business value delivered:

  • Rise in e-mail penetration from 18% to almost 50%
  • Third party advertisements lead to 300% increase in revenue
  • Eliminated the need to outsource printing activity and introduced continuous color printing on AFP printers that enabled personalization and also reduced costs
  • Enhanced customer experience – the outcome of personalized, clear and consistent communication through multiple channels like print, e-mail, SMS and Web


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