Digital customer engagement

Business Process and Case Management

UniServe™ NXT platform offers case management framework that makes business processes more agile


Case workers can easily alter case flow according to business requirements.


Collaborative editing of case data allows acceleration of business processes shared by teams.


Business framework allows easy management of the most complex processes and their end-to-end optimization. No coding required!

Configurable case management platform builds enterprise applications

Configurable case management platform builds enterprise applications

Configure processes and business rules using detailed models. Enjoy high productivity and rapid application development out of the box.

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Our case management solution accelerates customer onboarding

Digitalize data capture, define workflows, and connect with national ID databases instantly. Integrate with internal systems for seamless customer onboarding through both physical and digital channels using our platform.

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Intelligent Document Management

Cross-enterprise process and document agility functionally is a must-have for businesses. With DMS enterprises can implement an intelligent, process driven document management system.

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Deliver contextual experience using tiny data

Customer service delivery automation

UniServe™ NXT platform helps you become customer-centric. By providing a unified, responsive interface to all stakeholders, unique customer experiences can be tailored, deepening customer loyalty – and with it, increasing your Net Promoter Score!

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Ensure compliance using UniServe™ NXT

Built-in capabilities of UniServe™ NXT include business rules for ensuring data privacy, identity management, data modeling, and consent management. This ensures compliance with KYC, GDPR, and pre-bill auditing regulations.

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Deliver contextual experience using tiny data

Deliver contextual customer experiences

UniServe™ NXT’s configurable API layer comes coupled with visual model interfaces. This allows for the creation and adaptation of event-driven workflows – Use our platform to generate reports, dashboards, and data structures that ensure an improved Net Promoter Score.

Frequently Asked Questions

A BPM platform provides a framework and tool for managing the tasks and workflow in a process related to people or systems. It can also speed up the development of process-based applications.
The three types of BPM are Document-centric BPM, Integration-centric BPM, and Human-centric BPM.
BPM Methodology is a formal, written, comprehensive list of organized tasks with supporting documentation on how the tasks need to be performed, and the data that the team should look for, and identification of the deliverables from tasks.
BPM Software is a process automation tool. It helps you map out your everyday processes to identify and eliminate bottlenecks, control your company’s costs, make your day-to-day processes as efficient as possible, and ensure the effectiveness of the people involved in your processes.
Process Management is the organizational discipline that provides tools and resources to analyze, define, optimize, monitor, and control the business processes and to measure and drive improved performance of interdependent business processes.

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