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India’s third largest mobile operator implements Customer identity management solution to adhere to statutory requirement

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This TSP with a network of over 100,000 2G and 3G cell sites, spread across over 55,000 towns in India had some major concerns as-

  • Adherence to regulatory requirements of customer identity management
  • Consistency in customer data across applications
  • Reduction in redundancy of storing customer information

Solution at work:

  • Our Customer identity management solution built on UniServeTMNXT platform is currently being used in the many lines of business of the TSP.
  • The TSP was able to perform Online and Offline matching, thereby identifying all possible duplicate/multiple records of customers.
  • Standardization includes correcting and removing unwanted data in tune with business requirements
  • Clusters or groups of similar data based on the matching template are formed and once the clusters are formed, they are analysed.


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