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Digital Customer Onboarding for improved market share and reduced turnaround times by more than 50%

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Meetingthe demands of the digital customer by adopting digital technologies and transforming its existing process.

Solution at work:

  • Their main objective was to:
  • To curb the manual effort
  • To move from traditional physical documentation
  • To improve customer service
  • To automate time consuming customer document collection
  • To maintain a single system to aid the process of subscriber onboarding
  • The digital customer onboarding solution captures customer information such as photograph, Proof of Address (POA), Proof of Identity (POI) & Biometric Fingerprints as per business requirements.
  • The solution enables data capture from multiple sources aid automated data entry.
  • The platform facilitates ready access to any documents stored in the repository
  • It enables the management to track and control the whole system at any point of time
  • Alerts based on parameters configured within the application interface are sent out to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner

Value Delivered

  • Integration with national database helps avoid data entry costs
  • Authentication of data was ensured
  • Verification of the applicant information for validation & onboarding
  • Compliance to regulations was maintained.
  • Faster document access & retrieval for effective workflow optimization
  • Customer satisfaction with better turnaround time
  • Faster services to improve market share


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility