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A leading bank in UAE wanted to improvise its customer-facing processes, send secure interactive messages, automate workflows, and more.

Some of their operational challenges:

  • Lack of password protection for PDF statements
  • Need for manual intervention for templates
  • Inability to organize data
  • Difficulty in Implementing change management 

Solution at work:

The CCM solution provided an interactive statement that consolidated several statements into one statement. It had the features of a web portal and could be delivered through an email with password protection. 

Advantage Intense:

  • Customers can update contact details, raise trouble tickets, and request other services from the interactive statement. 
  • Time to generate statements reduced from 3 days to 8 hours
  • Customers could download interactive statements.

Value Delivered

Overall,the solution helped the bank to fiercely fulfill digital customer expectations by digitalizing customer-facing processes in the shortest possible time.


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