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The third-largest insurance company in India and the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India implemented the CCM solution built on the UniServe TM NXT platform for consistent communications while offering a single platform to automate customer communications processes, enhancing customer engagement.

The insurance provider faced a significant operational challenge when it continued to use an old system designed for policy printing that provided a subpar customer experience throughout the purchasing process. Inconsistent and fragmented communication, duplication of communication, a longer time-to-market for template design, a lack of personalization, and many others were other notable difficulties.

The objective was -

  • To offer a single system that will automate all customer communications procedures, enhancing customer engagement across channels.
  • A single system that manages and maintains all customer communication trigger logic and templates, or, in other words, all customer communications in one place.

Value delivered -

  • The Customer Experience Index rose by 30%.
  • 100% delivery automation
  • It took two days instead of 20 to create new communication templates.


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