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Enhanced subscriber experience with Digitalization of Customer Onboarding

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The telecom aimed to digitalize the entire customer life-cycle management starting with a compelling onboarding experience through an integrated platform.

The challenges the TSP faced were

  • The issue Non-compliance to regulations and trouble with customer data silos
  • The need for a fast, easy and effective system for onboarding the new age digital customer
  • And the long, tedious paper driven onboarding process

The Digital Onboarding Solution for Telecoms helped the TSP

  • Launch a fully contactless, online customer acquisition process along with offering
  • Managed Services that helped the telecom create efficiencies

The benefits of implementing the Onboarding solution were many:

  • A state-of the-art, centralized digital onboarding of over 1 million customers per month
  • Improved operational efficiency with increase in customer enrolment by 40% from 2006 to 2019
  • 100% compliance to KYC compliance regulation Reduced employee logistics costs by 88% to meet KYC CAF compliance
  • Compelling customer experience across all channels throughout the customer lifecycle

Not just these but the solution helped in 50% faster onboarding of customers through quick completion of transactional activities, leading to substantial time saving and improved customer satisfaction.


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