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UniServe™ NXT enables insurers to adapt to digital business models

Integrating digital business models should be any insurer's top priority. Our platform lets you improve customer experience and streamline business operations. Insurance CIOs worldwide are looking for digital technology platforms that enable them achieve these objectives.

UniServe™ NXT helps insurers stay ahead by making it easy to collaborate with partners and deliver exceptional customer experience.

The insurance industry needs a technology platform that delivers unique value chain enhancements. Our UniServe™ NXT platform addresses a radically changing business ecosystem in a competitive environment. The platform combines advanced technological capabilities like APIs, business process management, and process automation to help you reduce costs, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences. We let you engage customers in a personalized, contextual, and digitally relevant way.

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By building a comprehensive customer communications management solution on the UniServe™ NXT platform, you can send meaningful, consistent, and personalized communications to customers through physical and digital channels. You can engage with stakeholders through digital channels and begin creating next-generation customer experience that will help your firm stand out.

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We offer superior data accuracy, improving customer experience and enabling onboarding through digital channels.

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Unique customer identity processes streamline personalized engagement.

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Using our centralized customer engagement hub lets you communicate with stakeholders easily. Launch personalized campaigns and reduce support costs by providing customers with self-service application channels.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility