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Building Seamless Customer Journeys with UniServeTM Reach

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In the realm of enterprise communication, a prominent player in the utilities industry, faced significant challenges in managing customer communications across various channels. The service provider’s distribution network spans over 400 Sq. km catering to the electricity needs of over 2.9 million customers today.

The lack of analytics, understanding of customer engagement, and the absence of streamlined journey orchestration for critical processes like bill payment and service disruption notices posed substantial hurdles for the organization.

Main Objectives

  • Improve Communication Effectiveness
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Reduce Cost of Communications

Value Delivered

  • Improved Customer Engagement - Customer engagement witnessed a noticeable improvement as communications became more personalized and targeted.
  • Efficiency in Bill Payment Process - The streamlined journey orchestration for bill payment contributed to a more efficient and user-friendly process, reducing customer queries and enhancing satisfaction.
  • Proactive Disconnect Management - The optimized disconnect notices enabled the enterprise to proactively manage service disruptions, minimizing customer inconvenience.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making - The analytics dashboard provided valuable insights, allowing the enterprise to make informed decisions and continually enhance their communication strategies.


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