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Automated Response Management and efficient customer service with UniServe™ NXT

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Customer support representatives (CSR) and Unit Managers managing non-voice communication channels were challenged due to the number of requests flowing in. To respond to these various types of queries and requests, originating from different channels, the need for an automated response management suite which could process and parse all the non-voice communications was at hand.


  • The service provider had to deploy a large workforce in order to parse unstructured data from SMS, e-mail, white mail and fax
  • The Customer Support department was grouped on the basis of circles, states, cities, regions and Lines of Businesses. Eventually this resulted in erroneous job routing, longer TATs, which became increasingly difficult to control
  • Delayed responses compelled customers to send further communications.
  • Equal and efficient distribution of incoming communications from customers among all CSRs of a group was a tough ask.
  • Faster turnaround time for customer response was a major challenge as response to customers depends on the accessibility of customer account information
  • There was no system for productivity tracking-to track the status of each job, list pending and completed jobs, and record the average time taken to resolve each issue to measure CSR productivity-to enhance the quality of enterprise output

Solution at work:

  • Customer sends compliant / request / query through any non-voice channel such as, email, SMS, Fax, white mail and self-care portal
  • The solution’s features filter duplicate entries of customer communications received.
  • A report is generated on the duplicates
  • Jobs are allocated on FIFO or priority, which is assigned by unit manager
  • The solution tracks CSR performance and productivity and also generates reports and charts Real time up-sell and cross-sell campaigning to keep the customers engaged.

Business benefits:

  • Automation of the entire process drastically reduced time taken to respond to customer queries
  • A comprehensive view of interaction history saves time both for the customer and CSR
  • Response to customers is personalized on the basis of customer segment and demographic data
  • Increased traffic to automated non-voice customer response process resulted in reduction of skilled manpower costs w.r.t voice-based responses


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