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Enhance citizen services with Citizen Services Management Solution built on UniServe™ NXT

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Citizen Services Management Solution, a comprehensive data capture and dissemination application built on UniServe™ NXT Platform helped the Revenue Department to digitalize the complex Income Tax Returns filing process.

The revenue department of the country with more than 14 million tax payers had an ambitious plan to optimize revenue collection, while making it easy for the taxpayer. They were determined to leverage the advanced technological capabilities of digital platforms to help them achieve their dual objectives:

  • One, to triple tax payer base in two years by simplifying tax filing process
  • Second, to adopt a system that enabled extremely easy change management of the forms

The present challenges:

  • The revenue department wanted to enhance its operating procedures while being more responsive and adaptive to the changing business and legislative environment.
  • The present online direct tax filing system demanded an improved ef?cacy of the instruments used by the tax administration.

Value delivered:

  • The Intelligent Digital Forms helped eliminate manual and typo errors, reduce compliance issues, longer wait times and duplication.
  • With the help of Z-forms, our Digital Forms Management Solution they were able to do away with paper forms, validate the input data, cut costs of managing several types of forms, and reduced compliance issues, longer wait times and duplication


  • 65 mn citizens ?le their taxes worth USD 18 Bn using the solution built on UniServe™ NXT
  • 85% information is auto-?lled from multiple back-end systems reducing human error/data accuracy issues
  • Tax domain experts could easily con?gure the application using the low-code platform,
  • Forms were developed in Angular framework to support multi-browser and multi-device capability.
  • AI based chat-bots were included to assist tax payers.
  • Wizards for helping citizens choose the appropriate form were built with drag and drop UX designer.
  • Faster change management of the forms with con?gurable tools to accommodate changes in the income tax regulation.


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