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Mexican telecom service provider redefined their B2B Customer Experience

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The Telecom Service Provider, with a vast enterprise customer base, knew that this segment contributed significantly to their revenue and was looking for a solution that would enable them to enhance customer experience of their most demanding customer segment.


  • Billing applications used were not seeing the enterprise as a single entity but as different accounts.
  • Enterprises are not provided with a single interface for viewing, assessing and controlling their usage and inventory


  • Our B2B Customer experience management solution built on UniServeTM NXT Platform is a 360 view of transactions that empowers enterprise customers to get a grip on telecom invoice management.
  • It is a comprehensive web portal through which corporate customers can create cost centers based on their organizational structure, assign users to each cost center, and analyse spend patterns.
  • Users can define budgets and analyse budget against spends.

Business value:

  • Solution enabled the TSP to deliver customer experience to enterprise customers, thus improving their customer retention capabilities.
  • Single point of truth for customer information across billing, CRM and accounting systems


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