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Modernize bill presentment and improve customer satisfaction

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The second-largest mobile network operator of Bangladesh with a strong network and seamless connectivity for more than 24 million people across Bangladesh aimed to modernize its bill presentment. The main challenge was that the IT department managed and had to manually design bill layouts.

Some of the other challenges were:

  • Existing systems increased printing costs
  • Inefficiency of the existing system to effectively organize data
  • Extra effort and cost were involved in inserting customized marketing messages and personalized messages on the customer bills

Solution at work:

  • The CCM solution has an easy-to-use GUI designer to design bill layouts (templates), insert graphic objects, and many more objects.
  • The solution generates customers' bills in multiple formats.
  • Ability to generate a corporate bill at multiple levels.

Value Delivered

  • Reduced costs of generating and delivering bills
  • Faster response to market dynamics
  • Greater customer experience
  • Relevant and consistent Omni-channel experience


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