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Third largest telecom company in the world implements Customer Identity Management solution for enhanced customer experience and compliance needs

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This global telecom was looking at a solution where they could increase customer experience and also adhere to statutory compliances. TRAI regulations mandate that a subscriber should not have more than a stipulated number of connections within a specific telecom circle. Customer information on the other hand is captured by multiple systems operating in silos and manual data entry resulting in possible inconsistencies in information.


  • Missing, conflicting, corrupted information and data entry errors to match customer information
  • Ever growing customer subscriptions complicating the de-duplication process
  • Businesses need to check with lists of blacklisted customers and National Do Not Call (NDNC) prior to onboarding
  • Parameters like name, addresses etc., being captured differently at each customer interaction

Solution at work:

  • Real-time standardization of legacy data: Cleansing to eliminate duplication and other redundancies in customer information
  • Online de-duplication for establishing existing connections; successful de-dupe check results in trigger being sent to CRM for service activation, otherwise the application is rejected and the distributor is informed.

Business value:

  • 100% compliance to Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) Cell and TRAI regulations of data de-duplication
  • Single view of customers across Lines of Business resulting in targeted communication and greater user experience
  • Consolidated communication of multiple subscriptions across Lines of Business
  • Reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies of customer communication


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility