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UniServe™ NXT is your partner for improving customer experience through innovative digital design

Strong digital design competencies form an increasingly important element of FinTech value propositions. Today's banks and financial institutions need to develop digital design strategies that are both competitive and relevant to customers.

UniServe™ NXT can help you build engaging digital solutions that your customers enjoy using. Our platform lets you build and launch transformative online banking experiences easily.

Create a single, unified view of your customers across all lines of business. By bridging the data and process silos and creating a consistent, persistent, and sharable view of your customers, you can deliver consistent experience throughout customer lifecycle.e

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Our interactive customer engagement solution cuts operational costs, improves customer experience, and boosts the bottom line. Consolidated communications offer greater convenience while promoting two-way communication between institutions and their customers.

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See how you can transform your customer experience lifecycle


Enjoy faster, more efficient customer onboarding that complies with KYC regulations.

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Analyze customer data using unique identities shared across lines of business, allowing for personalized cross-departmental engagement.

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Deliver personalized communications to your customers consistently. Improve revenues, lower customer service costs, and increase customer loyalty using our platform.

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Our centralized customer engagement hub sends notifications to each stakeholder, launching personalized campaigns and exposing business processes to customers to generate new efficiencies.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility