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Delivering consistent customer communications and elevating brand image with UniServe™

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A communications service provider in Hungary belonging to the group of second largest service provider in the world in terms of subscriber base was the first telco operating in the DCS-1800 band in the country. The company now is the third largest mobile network operator of the country with more than 23% market share.


  • The service provider’s heterogeneous customer communications systems were delivering inconsistent communications to its customers, resulting in poor brand reputation.
  • The service provider had to bring consistency in their customer communications as per its brand guideline.
  • The company wanted a centralized solution for connecting to all its siloed communications systems so that consistent customer communications could be created and delivered to the customers to elevate its brand image.


  • Intense Technologies deployed UniServe™ based alerts & notifications solution that enabled the service provider to communicate more effectively with their customers by sending timely, consistent, engaging, 1-2-1 communications to its customers as per their guidelines through the intended channel.
  • This helped them maintain continuous engagement with their customers, resulting in improved brand image, increased loyalty, and cut down customer service costs.

Business value:

  • Improved customer experience ensured better business outcome
  • Clear, consistent message delivery ensured Increased NPS
  • Messages sent according to customer’s preferences and relevancy
  • 1-2-1 customer communications with a rich content guideline
  • Streamlined internal process and easy governance with reduced costs


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