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Onboarding customers is the first step in starting the customer relationship, and the Fastest growing Telecom Service Provider in the world wanted to deliver the fastest and an efficient onboarding experience to ace the Indian Telecom market.

Challenges faced by the telecom:

  • Catering to an array of KYC regulatory requirements to onboard different types of customer segments.
  • Give the convenience of customer onboarding in less than 10 min using digital channels and extracting data from national database.
  • Support both digital and physical channels for onboarding and activate services in the fastest possible time.
  • Apart from KYC regulations, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has a mandate not to onboard customers having more than 9 SIMs registered on subscriber's name from the same circle. This had to be checked before onboarding every customer.
  • Efficient data capture while onboarding to ensure personalization of the service.

Our solution

Our Customer Onboarding Solution with strong case management capabilities offers out-of-the box solution for customer onboarding suited to the telecom vertical. Our process automation helped the TSP to onboard customers in less than 10 minutes while meeting all regulatory mandates. We process around 1.3 Million subscriber data in a single day.

Key Benefits

  • Prompt and efficient compliance
  • Ensured 100% compliance with all telecom regulations in India (TRAI and DOT)
  • Automation of customer information upload and verification using Aadhaar and biometrics ensured quickest SIM activation
  • Provided electronic document storage facility with access rights and version control for legal and regulatory departments, thereby ensuring adherence to compliance

Customer satisfaction

Service at the doorstep by enabling mobile data capture to enhance customer experience

Onboarding customers in just minutes, resulting in higher customer satisfaction

Customer database could be leveraged for better cross-sell and up-sell based on customer's preferences

Gaining market share

  • 100 million subscribers onboarded in 170 days
  • Elevated as top service provider in record time
  • Established India as the no.1 in world for Mobile internet usage


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility