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Faster customer onboarding with 100% compliance to KYC regulations

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A leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa implemented our Customer onboarding solution for faster customer onboarding and effective compliance to KYC regulations.

The main challenge for this TSP was in streamlining the operations for this process as it involved complying with regulations of different countries. This led to delayed onboarding of customers as there was a lot of manual effort too.

Some of their objectives were-

  • Capture KYC while adhering to regulations
  • Biometric capture for complete details
  • Automated verification to minimize errors

Solution at work:

Intense's Customer onboarding solution was implemented to ensure end-to-end automation of the entire process of enrolling the subscribers. This digitally captured customer information through mobile, desktop, web-based applications and pushed it through a workflow of checks and verifications.

Value Delivered

  • Automated process documentation verification
  • Minimized fraud by checking the credentials of every subscriber
  • Provides electronic document storage facility with access rights
  • Tracks end-to-end activation process for complete control
  • Higher customer retention because of faster TAT in service activation
  • Service at the door-step by enabling mobile data capture


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