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Digital transformation of B2B customer experience

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A Leading telecom service provider in UK having extensive enterprise lines of business and operating across 30 countries wanted to digitally transform their enterprise customer experience. Their existing IT systems were not equipped to meet the challenges. They needed a solution which addressed their operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction. We helped them in redefining their processes to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

B2B Customer Experience Management solution:

The B2B Customer Experience Management solution is a unified digital enterprise customer experience solution that enabled the service provider distinguish their services and save millions in costs from streamlined operations. The solution enabled enhanced customer retention because of its powerful analytics and service management capabilities.

Scope of the solution:

  • Unified platform for enhanced digital customer experience without having to rip and replace their existing systems  
  • Single formatting application that ensures consistency in Omni-channel communication
  • Single application for presentment, reporting & analytics bringing in operational efficiency
  • Comprehensive analytics portal for greater visibility and control for enterprise customers

Benefits Delivered:

The B2B Customer Experience Management solution delivered four million GBP Opex savings per annum for that telecom service provider.

  • Enhanced customer experience and customer retention
  • Enterprise customer is in greater control of their telecom services
  • Swift response to service requests
  • Consistent Omni-channel experience Reduced costs
  • Streamlined operations resulting in savings of 4 million GBP in the 1st year of implementation
  • Lower customer support costs due to reduced traffic to call centers
  • Greater customer adoption of digital platforms eliminating the need for paper bills and postal expenses
  • Improved revenues
  • Account managers are focused on targeted up-selling and cross-selling
  • Contained revenue leakage with streamlined collections process


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