Digital customer engagement

B2B Customer Experience Management

Give greater control to B2B customers and enjoy improved customer lifetime value with the UniServe™ NXT platform

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Richer Process Exposures

Enterprise customers demand consolidated access to all the services they subscribe to. You can provide these services through all digital channels in a consistent manner with our platform.

360-degree view

We digitalize enterprise customer information throughout multiple systems across different lines of business. This lets you view and assess a complete, integrated customer identity.

BYOD Support

Enterprise self-service requires defining role-based access policies. Despite multiple stakeholders having varying objectives, our applications support the BYOD concept to empower them.

UniServe™ NXT provides powerful digital capabilities

Easily configure UniServe™ NXT to bring together multiple people, processes, and applications to serve enterprise customers across various lines of business. Deliver a consistent, contextual, and personalized user experience to B2B customers.

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UniServe™ NXT provides powerful digital capabilities

B2B Customers can define their own rules

With UniServe™ NXT, your enterprise customers can modulate their services based on their own unique needs. They can define their organization hierarchies and access controls for every role. They can assign budgets and configure alerts on spend limits, define address books that demarcate personal and official contacts, and much more.

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Generate Customer loyalty with powerful analytics

Your enterprise customers demand to analyze their spending, optimize their expenses, and customize their platform usage to derive greater value of the services you provide. With our platform, this can all happen with a click of the button. You will benefit from reduced customer service costs, fewer disputes, and faster payments.

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One application caters to multiple stakeholders

Not only do your enterprise customers enjoy greater control over their relationship with you, but also over the entire value-chain of internal and external stakeholders. CRM, account managers, billing and collections and management personnel are all equally empowered with the agility to cater to enterprise demands instantly.

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Create a one-stop-shop for all enterprise needs

You can expand the scope of your self-service portal to include activities like order management, inventory control, tracking trouble tickets, and contract management across lines of business. Empower your account managers with analytics to customize offers. Deliver a complete experience to your enterprise clients.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility