Digital customer engagement

B2B Customer Experience Management

Empower enterprise customer and digitize operational processes

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Advanced Billing Analytics

DIY analysis- Comprehensive reports and analytics with functionality to create your own ad-hoc reports and views across products and services without any dependency on IT

Enriched Experience

Bye Bye siloed graphs- Widget based multiple dashboard providing business insights cutting across domains of billings, orders, tickets, inventory

Multiple Hierarchies

Go beyond Cost centres- Not limited by cost centres and GL code mapping, now enterprise customer can create custom organizational hierarchies to get custom views

Powerful digital capabilities

Focused solution approach to deliver a personalized, interactive, consistent, Unified Single B2B Self Service Reports and Analytics Web Portal to increase customer loyalty, lower customer service costs, and improve revenues.

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UniServe™ NXT provides powerful digital capabilities

No more manual consolidation for reports

Unify customer information spread across multiple systems and modernize existing business and operational processes to reduce cost overheads. Use DIY analytics with personalized dashboards to reduce customer service costs and improve revenues through targeted messaging.

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Digital B2B Customers can define their own rules

Enterprise customers can modulate their services based on their own unique needs. They can define their organization hierarchies, cost –centre hierarchies and access controls for every role. They can assign budgets and configure alerts on spend limits, define address books that demarcate personal and official contacts, and much more

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One stop shop for End-to-End B2B journeys

You can expand the scope of your self-service portal to include activities like order management, inventory control, tracking trouble tickets, and contract management across lines of business. Empower your account managers with cross-functional analytics to customize offers. Deliver a complete experience to your enterprise clients.

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Centralize Control and Deliver Agility

Not only do your enterprise customers enjoy engaging relationship with you, but also over the entire value-chain of internal and external stakeholders. CRM, account managers, billing and collections and management personnel are all equally empowered with the agility to cater to enterprise demands instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B customer experience (CX) is defined as the overall experience of a customer with a B2B company or brand, across all points of interactions before, during or after purchase.
You can build a good B2B customer experience by the following ways: by offering personalized experiences, connecting with customers in real-time, offering post-purchase support, having a customer-centric vision, and providing proactive customer service.
B2B client management refers to systems, technologies, strategies, and processes that help B2B companies manage their relationships with existing & potential customers. B2B client management also help B2B companies better understand their customers’ needs.
B2B brands can improve the customer experience by the following ways: by nurturing customer relationships, speaking your customers’ language, fulfilling the unique needs of your customers, omnichannel experience, and by streamlining buyers’ online journey.
With B2B digital experiences continuing to play an increasingly crucial role in the long-term success of companies, it is important that businesses work to improve and refine their online presence.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility