Communication Media

Personalized and interactive statements enhance customer experience


Globally, the insurance sector is undergoing a transformation and more and more Insurance companies are making the shift towards digital, with an increased focus on digital modes of interaction.

Digital Customer Engagement Solution

To keep up with customer demands, insurers must zero in on digital solutions that ensure enhanced customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while reducing churn. Interactive customer communications can be built effortlessly with our award-winning UniServe™ NXT Platform. The Digital Customer Engagement solution helps Insurance companies send personalized, consolidated, contextual and interactive communications.

Customer-centric solution

  • The digital customer engagement solution helps insurance companies send all types of communications across customer lifecycle like welcome kits, premium notices, receipts, newsletters, etc.
  • The Centralized customer engagement hub sends personalized communications across physical and digital channels like print, e-mail, mobile app, and social media
  • These result in enhanced brand image, and greater customer experience

Digital customer engagement platform

Our Single digital customer engagement solution helps insurance companies

  • Enhance acquisition
  • Reduce churn
  • Open up new revenue streams with up-sell and cross sell
  • Reduce operational costs

UniServe™ NXT Capabilities

  • Built-in data management capabilities that consolidate communications from various lines of business
  • Responsive, interactive communications allow customers the convenience of the self-service portal within the e-statement enabling a hyper-personalized customer journey

Digital Transformation Platform

A consistent and strong digital engagement solution helps companies acquire new customers, strengthen their customer relationships, improve retention, and cultivate loyalty into advocacy. Leading insurance companies across the globe use our solutions to digitally transform and stay agile while improving Customer Experience.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility