Digital customer engagement

Customer Experience Management

UniServe™ NXT makes it easy for your customers to do business with you

Improve NPS

Deliver experiences that your customers love. Reward customer interaction with your brand through multiple physical and digital channels. Send contextual messages using customer preferences as source data.

Execute Customer Journey

UniServe™ NXT helps you automate the customer journey. Create a seamless sales funnel and the lifetime value of each customer. Our analytics capabilities help you implement transaction intelligence into your business processes.

Give Control

Empower customers with greater control. Enabling new digital business models by linking interactions of physical and digital sales channels. Expose business processes using intuitive web application portals and gather information with intelligent analytics.

Offer bundled services to drive Unified Brand Experience

UniServe™ NXT lets you enjoy the flexibility of bundling services across multiple lines of business. We help you modernize existing order management systems. Reduce your order fallout rate by streamlining processes and delivering a consistent order management experience across multiple channels.

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Offer bundled services to drive Unified Brand Experienc

Onboard customers 50% faster

UniServe™ NXT enables end-to-end digitalization of customer onboarding. This results in reduced customer acquisition costs, market share gains, and better compliance with KYC regulations. Use our accurate data capture capabilities to elevate customer experience.

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Gain valuable Customer Insights

UniServe™ NXT makes it easy to unify customer information spread across multiple systems. Generate a single, unified view of each customer and establish a single corresponding identity using our platform. This helps you personalize customer experience while improving revenues through contextual campaigning.

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Contextual Customer Engagement through a centralized communication hub

UniServe™ NXT offers a pre-built solution that acts as a centralized engine for delivering communications to customers across multiple digital channels in a consistent manner. You can have complete control over customer-directed communications throughout your various departments. This reduces the chance of miscommunication and improves customer experiences vastly.

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UniServe™ NXT

Expose Business Processes to your Customers

Intuitive B2C and B2B customer experience portals and mobile apps give the freedom to your customers to interact with you. Use DIY analytics with personalized address book and dashboard to reduce customer service costs and improve revenues through targeted messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

A digital experience platform is an integrated set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery and optimization of contextualized digital experiences.
A Digital customer experience is the online experience and journey your customers go through while interacting with your brand. This includes actions such as researching your product on the web, searching for customer support help or using your mobile app.
A Digital experience platform can allow organizations to focus and accelerate digital transformation initiatives, provide a rich, personalized & omnichannel digital experience, increase operational effectiveness & boost productivity, increase customer loyalty and long-term customer value.
A customer experience (CX) software has the ability to leverage customer insights for recommending actionable improvements in the digital customer journey – either at an individual or organizational level.
Customers adapt to and grow with technological advancements and market trends. They learn and embrace such things, not because of the fear of missing out but because they want to satisfy their needs. For this reason, digital experience is important.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility