Digital customer engagement

Customer Communications Management

Recognized by Gartner as a Niche player in their Magic Quadrant.

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Works across any vertical

UniServe™ NXT has consistently catered to enterprise communications needs across multiple verticals – telecom, banking, insurance, government, utilities, and many.

Elevates Customer Experience

For more than a decade, our clients have used our digital business solution to create new and valuable customer experiences.

Bridge data silos

We provide our clients with pre-built connectors adapters, and data virtualization technologies. These help modernize existing legacy infrastructure instantly – there is no need for long, drawn-out transformation projects.

Consistent and Personalized Customer Communications

UniServe™ NXT platform helps you gain a complete view of your customers by bridging data and process silos. It also lets you design interactive and personalized customer messages and apply business rules to messaging context, delivering consistent communications through all physical and digital channels.

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Consistent and Personalized Customer Communications

5 million Customer Communications every month

With a 70% market share in the South Asian telecom market, we are the leading service provider for the insurance and government verticals in this region. Our customers benefit from reduced operational and customer service costs, increased customer loyalty and better NPS.

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Built to ensure lower total cost of ownership

We build to built UniServe™ NXT platform using template-driven architecture that eliminates coding entirely from your workflow. This enables easy change management and reduced implementation cycles, producing faster ROI. Remote support for customer service, alongside service-oriented architecture for easy vertical and horizontal scalability, results in lower total cost of ownership.

Interactive Communications Engage Customers throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Customers' mobile-first mindset makes it imperative to send two-way interactive, responsive customer communications. platform helps service providers send HTML5-based interactive communications that are personalized to customer profiles. It helps businesses expand service channels while reducing support and operational expenses.

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Deliver contextual experience using tiny data

Immediate, game-changing customer experience transformation

IT systems tend to operate in silos. Business processes are built to ensure greater process efficiency rather than delivering seamless customer experience across multiple channels. UniServe™ NXT platform helps bridge data and process silos with pre-built adapters and data virtualization techniques. This architecture provides the much-needed agility that drives customer experience without replacing existing infrastructure – guaranteeing the faster results.

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Act on Big Data insights

Big data offers valuable insights, but then it needs to be checked for relevance with current customer transaction analysis and acted on swiftly. Otherwise, you cannot leverage the opportunity contextual customer communication offers. UniServeTM NXT platform makes this possible in an efficient, streamlined manner, with process automation that delivers superior customer experiences.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility