Digital customer engagement

Customer Identity Management

Eliminate data redundancy and create a single identity for each customer

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Powerful De-dupe Engine

High speed of de-duplication that supports both online and offline de-duplication of customer/citizen records.

Connected Customer Experiences

We streamline data from multiple applications and devices to help improve customer experience.

Revenue Improving Efficiency

Having a single view of your customer and home ID lets you connect related people across lines of business to generate customer loyalty.

UniServe 1Vu

UniServe 1Vu’s AI/ML with advanced data matching capability identifies records from different sources in complex forms, e.g., Jumbled Address, Phonetic and NLP for name mishmash, to map to the same unique entity while eliminating data entry errors.
UniServe 1Vu’s algorithms have the capability to process complex record matching logic and to detect hard to find matches, by performing multi cluster/dimension de-duplication.

GDPR Regulation Compliance

We offer persistent, shareable, and trusted versions of customer identity data. We ensure the data meets relevant regulatory concerns.

Monetize customer data by leveraging data

Use our comprehensive, configurable business process layers above legacy systems to create personalized relationships with each user. Send contextual third-party messages to promote additional value. Integrate all your digital properties, including web and mobile apps, to build a connected experience through the deployment of unified customer identity data.

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Monetize customer data by leveraging data

A comprehensive data de-duplication solution to achieve a single identity of the customer

We have de-duplicated over 400 million records across large engagements using Indian phonetics, and dictionaries, and continue to process online de-duplication requests of 1 million per day.
Our product manages customer identities across multiple lines of business, eliminating the need for engineering resources to dedicate manpower to the task. We design our scalable products to handle growing volumes.

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Customer Lifecycle Management transforms the customer journey

Break the paradigms associated with legacy back-office infrastructure by incorporating identity-centric processes on top of them. This allows you to group, delegate, invite, and revoke customer privileges easily. Our product provides horizontal user management layers that span across all service silos to deliver the experience users demand today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) system enables organizations to securely capture and manage customer identity and profile data, as well as control customer access to applications and services.
Identity and access management (IAM) is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.
Consumer identity management is important because it reduces the risk of security breaches while removing much of the friction in customer interactions. It's not only your customer that benefits. The identity data that you have at your fingertips helps provide the convenient, omni-channel and personalized experience that is shown to build revenue and drive loyalty.
Customer identifiers allow you to recognize a user both online as well as offline. Potential values for identifiers are: Customer ID, Email, Address, Home Address, Postcode, and Phone Number. By adding a customer identifier, the cross-channel behavior will be improved. The customer identifier allows you to match online behavior to offline purchases.
You can identify a customer’s identity by the following methods I.e., knowledge-based authentication, two-factor authentication, credit bureau-based authentication, database methods and online verification.

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