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Bring in new customers with our Digital Onboarding Solution and accelerate Digital Transformation!

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Our clients onboard 2.5 million customers per day with our application. We've helped one of our clients onboard 100 million customers in 170 days.


We offer consistent omni-channel Customer Onboarding through physical and digital channels, offering a consistent experience.


Use our advanced case management, integration, and data capture tools to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

UniServe™ NXT Digital Customer Onboarding Solution

Onboard your customers easily by authenticating customer information from the national database, onboarding non- local, high security areas and foreign residents, integrate with more than 20 systems and avoid duplication of customer data. Our onboarding solution with strong case management capabilities and process automation helped this telecom to currently onboard 2.5 million subscribers per day.

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Faster onboarding earns greater market share

Digital Customer Onboarding specializes in end-to-end digitalization of business processes. This reduces order-to-activation time and increases efficiency. Our mobile app ensures simple on-the-go customer onboarding.

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Faster onboarding earns greater market share

Built-in Customer Identity Management adheres to Global KYC regulations

We provide support to advanced technologies like bio-metric capture, face recognition automation, and de-duplication of customer records. This ensures compliance to KYC, AML and other global regulations.

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Reduce Customer Acquisition costs and improve Data Accuracy

Data virtualization unifies processes and eliminates data silos across lines of business. This eliminates redundant operations and lets you update systems in near real-time. It improves data accuracy through integration with national databases and credit rating agencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Today, it is widely used to describe the process of welcoming new prospects or customers to a company. Customer onboarding using marketing communications welcome new customers to a business aimed at encouraging loyalty and advocacy.
Customer onboarding is the process that new users go through to get set up and start using your product. It covers the whole journey from initial sign-up to product activation and first use. Customer onboarding aims to deliver value to your customer.
Onboarding needs to show users the key benefits of the product and how to achieve them, show users the key functionality of the product and how to use it, also focus on getting users doing and using the product as quickly as possible.
Customer onboarding is one of the more delicate components of marketing. This process can make or break a business. In addition to increasing the revenue, it also allows businesses to create relationships with their customers. Having a proper customer onboarding strategy in place is crucial to achieve a higher customer retention.
Customer onboarding in banks consist of multiple stages right from evaluation of customer’s requirement, submission of documents for KYC, followed by a background check and due diligence, completion of legal formalities, opening an account, and finally making it operational.
One can measure the customer onboarding success by following metrics i.e. Time to First time Value, Free Trial to Paid Conversion, Customer Progress, Customer Response Rate, and Product Adoption Rate.

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