April 2015

The new paradigm in customer communications management

Empowered customers have transformed Customer Communications Management (CCM) from traditional print based communication to personalized and targeted engagement, from cost-based to profit-enabled with TransPromo, and from customer service to managing customer experience. Today’s customer communication is all about revamping customer touch points for generating higher revenues, enhancing experience and streamlining operations.
Organizations have various departments like marketing, sales, support with individual business objectives and functions. Customers interact in a cross-functional way and are not interested in various departments or teams. Customer Communications Management solution should empower stakeholders with outside-in view to cater to customer expectations.


Customers interact with organizations based on preferred channels. Customers switch between various digital channels while communicating and organizations need to provide a seamless experience across all available channels. CCM’s centralized hub with its Omni-channel strategy can handle such imperative needs.
In today’s service management era service excellence is driven by KPIs. Example a call center operator closes an interaction with a customer quickly to drive the call-to-resolution KPI up but loses on the opportunity to cross sell and up sell due to lack of information on the customer. The CCM’s centralized hub will give the operator a 360 degree view of the customer (services used across lines of business) for spending quality time to generate revenue from up and cross selling.

Similarly CCM can be used throughout the customer journey to benefit organizations in improving their customer experience index and enhance customer loyalty.


Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience life-cycle, resulting in greater customer-centricity and reduced operational expenses

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