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Accelerate your digital transformation to become more relevant to customers

1. Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ Recognizes Intense Technologies for Customer Communication Management, 2024

Hyderabad, India – February 29, 2024 – Intense Technologies Limited, a global Enterprise Platform and Tech-enabled services company has been recognized in 2024 Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for Customer Communication Management.  [...]


2. Future-proofing Finance with Digital Transformation

Financial institutions continue to undergo rapid evolution to transform themselves into digital-first organizations. To meet the rising customer expectations, it’s imperative to focus on customer-centric transformation to del  [...]


3. Building Seamless Customer Journeys with UniServeTM Reach

In the realm of enterprise communication, a prominent player in the utilities industry, faced significant challenges in managing customer communications across various channels. The service provider’s distribution network spa  [...]


4. Insights from IBM, Red Hat, and Intense Technologies on the Power of Agile Customer Communications to Elevate CX | Key Insights - September 14, 2023

Elevating CX with Agile Customer Communications: Insights from IBM, Red Hat, and Intense Technologies | Key Takeaways from the webinar

Explore key insights from the informative webi  [...]


5. Intense Technologies Achieves Leader Position in 2023 SPARK Matrix for Customer Communications Management

Intense Technologies has been recognized as a Technology Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' 2023 SPARK Matrix™ for Customer Communication Management.

The Customer Communications Management (CCM)   [...]


6. Intense's CPaaS Platform: Enabling Omnichannel Communication and Hyper-Personalized Customer Engagement

In today's digital landscape, customers expect businesses to deliver convenient, intuitive, and easy-to-use digital touchpoints that enable seamless communication. --> View

7. Unleash the power of interactive billing and enhance CX

One brand, one voice, and one cohesive digital experience. Consumers today demand more from their utility providers. They desire highly customized experiences as well as assistance in comprehending usage and billing rates that   [...]


8. Automate and step up your multi-channel engagement marketing strategy!

Explore the Best-in-class marketing automation tool for effective Campaign management and digital customer engagement that help optimize customer journeys and improve CX. UniServe™ Reach is a complete digital  [...]


9. Unleash your true business potential with marketing automation!

Explore the Best-in-class marketing automation tool for effective Campaign management and digital customer engagement that help optimize customer journeys and improve CX. UniServeTM Reach is a comple  [...]


10. Personalize your campaigns at scale!

The digital revolution has permeated every sphere of our lives and has impacted them all. Being a good marketer entails being constantly prepared for the unexpected, but that goes beyond merely having the proper outlook and att  [...]


11. Deliver exceptional digital communications and win customers with UniServe™ NXT

The third-largest insurance company in India and the largest non-bank private-sector life insurer in India implemented the CCM solution built on the UniServe TM NXT platform for consistent communications while offe  [...]


12. Z Forms offer seamless form automation to improve efficiency

A paradigm shift in operational activities has paved the way for a more futuristic approach for digital-first enterprises. Today, every business relies on technology to manage internal processes and customer-facing activities.   [...]


13. UniServe™ NXT Assure offers seamless reconciliation of financial statements

A rampant shift in customer preferences has led us towards a world where digital-first is the only way out. And, with emerging business prospects, it becomes imperative to have financial statements in a proper manner. For this,  [...]


14. Automated Pre-Bill Audit

Most often telecom consumers experience some kind of billing issue. Some of the Billing Challenges faced by Telecom Service Providers

  • Revenue Leakage
  • System Discrepancies
  • Non-Compliance
  •   [...]


15. Delivering NXT Gen Onboarding experience

Customer Onboarding is the primary and most vital step in the customer life cycle. And, as a telecom operator, it enables you to build the brand that a customer identifies with. However, there might be certain hiccups in this j  [...]


16. Automated Response Management

Digitization has paved way for cutting-edge competition. Every industry has emerging leading players in the market making the best use of digital-first technology. And, as a telecom operator, it becomes even more challenging to  [...]


17. Redefine Your Customer Identity Management!

Customer identity management is a crucial part of customer onboarding. It is a process of establishing the customer  [...]


18. Interactive Statements- straight to the customer!

Customer experience (CX) is among the key differentiators for service providers when it comes to acquiring and retaining   [...]


19. Elevate the Customer Experience like Never Before!

With Intense Technologies’ cloud-hosted Customer Engagement Solutions, move your Customer Communications from a cost   [...]


20. Unlock the power of digital customer experience

Intense Technologies is a leading enterprise software products company present across 4 continents. We help enterprises deliver agility by digitalizing the customer experience lifecycle. Our platform --> Play

21. Create a Seamless, Personalized B2B Customer Experience for Telecom Customers

Customer requirements are rapidly evolving and the overall customer experience is determined by how seamless and effective the CX is across the entire value chain. View

22. Accelerating Customer Communications- Leveraging Low Code Techniques to Enhance Personalized Communication

The unprecedented disruption of the past two years and the accelerated evolution of Customer Communications Management (CCM) have made successful consumer interaction even more vital to overall business growth. Nevertheless, IT  [...]


23. Digital Video Onboarding

Given the complex and changing regulatory environment it is critical for banks to ensure compliance. Not just that, it is expensive for banks to efficiently manage customers across their historically siloed lines of business an  [...]


24. Empower enterprise customer for improved processes

Today every TSP is moving towards digitally transforming their enterprise customer experience. However, there are certain challenges that organizations generally face such as

Integrating data from different legacy syste  [...]


25. Push Notifications and Alerts for Banks

Digitalization has transformed the way customers’ interact and the banking industry is adapting to this new shift. Digital transfo  [...]


26. Digital Customer onboarding helps a leading TSP reduce onboarding time from days to minutes

A Government owned Telecom Service provider having PAN India presence implements the digital onboarding solution with digital KYC for faster enrolment and 100% compliance. The main challenge was that the TSP was working in silo  [...]


27. Utilities and the need for digitalization

Traditional utilities industries earlier didn’t need high levels of interaction with their customers. But with changing times and customer need a slower adoption of digital tools for self-service and attention to customer exp  [...]


28. Improved operational efficiency for the third-largest private sector bank in India with UniServe™ NXT

The bank wanted to deliver exceptional digital capabilities in the shortest time possible and with zero escalations. This became a strategic priority during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Their main objectives were: View

29. Interactive Video Statements For Enhanced Customer Service

A centralized, AI-powered CCM solution like solves some of the biggest problems companies face around managing legacy content and creating consistent, compelling Omni-channel customer experiences. The interactive video bill s  [...]


30. AI based Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks

Today more than ever, winning and retaining tech-savvy customers is a challenge enterprises face. Customers are demanding and no matter what products and services a bank offers, they can go unnoticed if the --> View

31. Digital onboarding for the connected banking customer

In times of physical distancing and remote working, banks are moving towards new ways of connecting to their customers. They are meeting them right where the customers are. Banking customers can now complete the KYC for their a  [...]


32. Onboarding is now easy with our Digital customer onboarding solution

Never again let your customers wait, thanks to our digital onboarding solution. Today, customers expect an instant   [...]


33. Delivering Future Ready Digital Banking Experiences with Omni-channel

Today’s empowered and connected banking customers demand services according to their individual preferences of interaction. They use one or a combination of channels such as online banking, contact centers, chatbots, ATMs  [...]


34. ‘Transformation of Customer Communication Management Technology’ with a cloud-based robust CCM solution

India’s fourth largest private sector bank with a growing and extensive branch banking network of over 1000+ Branches and 1,800 ATMs implements CCM solution built on --> View

35. Develop Enterprise Applications Fast

The evolution of digital technologies and the constant shift in customer expectations and behavior presents businesses with an unprecedented risk of disruption. Moreover, both old and new competitors are just a click away for c  [...]


36. Enhance CX with interactive mobile responsive statements

Business challenges faced by banks

  • Providing differentiated CX at all times
  • Increasing customer support costs
  • Higher rate of disputes results in payment delays
  • Improving customer s  [...]


37. Optimizing the insurance customer journey

The ever-changing demands of the New-Age Insurance customer

The new insurance customer expects an integrated experience across all channels. They're also looking for unique experiences tailored to their needs. In fact  [...]


38. A digital first approach to enhance CX

The CCM solution built on U  [...]


39. GST Solution

A 100% compliant, intelligent e-invoicing and filing solution built on UniServe™ NXT. Our E-invoice soluti  [...]


40. Fastest registration of subscribers to ace the Indian telecom market in quickest time with next-gen onboarding solution

Fastest growing Telecom Service Provider in the world which provides wireless 4G LTE service network and is the only Voice over LTE operator in the country with coverage across all 22 telecom circles in India implemented the View

41. Improved agility with a centralized and automated alerts & notifications solution

A leading TSP aimed to establish high standards of customer experience by providing consistent, personalized and interactive communications. From Onboarding, sending notifications of usage, billing information, to tracking of   [...]


42. Enhance citizen services with Citizen Services Management Solution built on UniServe™ NXT

Citizen Services Management Solution, a comprehensive data capture and dissemination application built on UniServe™ NXT Platform helped the Revenue Department to digitalize the complex Income Tax Returns filing process.



43. Improve Business-Critical Contract Management Processes with UniServe™ NXT

The objective:

  • The objective was to standardize templates, enforce approval policies, define SLA terms and capture SLA data from contractors.
  • With a vast array of information existing in disparate back-end  [...]


44. Improve CX and optimize expense with CCM solution hosted on cloud

One of the pioneers and world leaders in mobile satellite communications, has been powering global connectivity for four decades implements our CCM so  [...]


45. Digital apps for enterprises

Agility is critical to Business enterprises

Solutions have evolved from manual processes to digital and now agile and intelligent. An agile organization allows a company to increase speed of execution, better respond   [...]


46. Innovative Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks

The UniServe™ NXT platform based onboarding solution for banks helps bring in new customers by onboarding your customers at  [...]


47. Creating a seamless customer experience with our Digital Customer Engagement solution

The Customer Communications Management (CCM) caters to enterprise communication needs across multiple domains – telecom, banking, insurance, government, utilities, and more. Technology is changing the dynamics of custom  [...]


48. Improve CX and optimize expense

One of the second largest Swiss telecommunications provider based in Zurich with an extremely large customer base implements our Ord  [...]


49. Single platform integrating multiple systems for improved efficiency

The LIS solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform streamlines business and information processes, enables paperless transactions (or less paper) and process auto  [...]


50. Delivering consistent customer engagement across customer lifecycle

Customer Engagement Hub is an advanced omnichannel solution that helps banks - onboard, service and engage with their customers m  [...]


51. Enhance customer experience and optimise service costs with interactive video statements

Interactive video statements enhance customer experience significantly. In a day and age where digital interactions can build better customer loyalty with improved service, and --> View

52. Enhance customer experience with interactive mobile responsive statements

The Interactive HTML 5 Based CCM solution transforms customer experience by aligning with the organization’s digital-first strategy and thus enhances the value based relationship. This helps reduce customer engagement cos  [...]


53. Improve business process automation with Document Management System

Enterprise actions are driven by content. The future will belong to those enterprises that share, secure and work with this content faster and more intelligently. Data Management System enables enterprises to establish secure and   [...]


54. Onboarding customers is faster and more efficient with UniServe™ NXT

Digital Customer Onboarding

Here is an interesting case-study of one of the fastest growing 4G Telecom service providers in the world. The TSP implemented our award winning UniServe™ NXT platform's --> Play

55. Enable Digital Transformation with our cloud ready, customer engagement solution

The banking industry has embraced digital transformation like no other. We have a digital landscape where customers are using mobile apps, social channels, connected things, etc. to interact with their banks. The hyper-connecte  [...]


56. Digital First platform- the way forward

A Digital First platform is a must for today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

UniServe™ NXT platform offers a comprehensive --> View

57. The future of digital customer engagement is here

Stay ahead in the digital race with UniServe™ NXT platform that offers world-class customer engagement and information management solution. Digitalize your customer-centric processes with innovation accelerators like AI, and   [...]


58. Personalized and interactive statements enhance customer experience

Globally, the insurance sector is undergoing a transformation and more and more Insurance companies are making the shift towards digital, with an increased focus on digital modes of interaction.

--> Play

59. A crucial strategy for marketers to enhance customer experience

Customers expect innovative, intuitive and latest technologies that helps them be engaged. While enterprises have this pressure to meet these customer expectations, they also need to look at ways to increase revenues and reduce  [...]


60. Delivering business value for IT with Digital Customer Engagement

Today, CIO's face the difficult challenge of bringing new technologies and processes to the business, whilst simultaneously maintaining their security and governance posture effectively.

In addition to customer experi  [...]


61. Unlock the power of Digital First- Business Impact for CX Managers

The measurable benefits of Customer Experience Management efforts are multi-faceted, such as customer satisfa  [...]


62. Digital Customer Experience- Business Impact for Finance

Customer Communications Management leverages advanced customer journey mapping techniques, using relevant, and highly engaging, personalized messages. The --> View

63. Be a digital First enterprise with our customer engagement Cloud Ready solution

Customer Experience is the competitive differentiator and rendering omni-channel experience to customers is the key for customer retention and loyal  [...]


64. Digital First platform for today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

Forward-thinking Telecoms understand that Digital First Platforms offer increased agility, reduce time to market, while improving the customer experience  [...]


65. Intense helps enterprises in their digital transformation

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. There's a growing interest in integrating technology into everyday life, people have with ease moved to digital mediums such as Social Media platforms, connected th  [...]


66. UniServe™ Dox - A single platform, integrating multiple systems

The platform enabled the streamlining of business and information processes, go paperless (or less paper) and enabled process automation that replaced the three main bar-related operating legacy systems of the Supreme Court and c  [...]


67. Bring in new customers with our Digital Onboarding Solution and accelerate Digital Transformation!

Don't quarantine your business

The world is fighting a health pandemic as well as an economic pandemic, and the shift to digital is essential more than ever. --> Play

68. Digital Transformation in times of Covid-19

The current pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiative across the globe. Even the traditional Banking and Financial Sector has adopted digital-first strategy to keep pace with the changing market dynamics, custo  [...]


69. Deliver a competitive edge with digitalizing of customer onboarding experience

A leading Nigerian telephone company was looking at onboarding customers the fastest and efficient way.

Objective- To create a seamless onboarding customer experience to ace the Nigerian telecom market.

Cha  [...]


70. Digital Platforms of Enterprise Applications

Digital transformation

Digital technologies are changing the world as never before. Changing market dynamics, expanding business, increasing margins and streamlining operations within a budget has become a constant s  [...]


71. AI powered Forms Management Solution empowers enterprises to meet and exceed all business requirements

AI powered Forms Management Solution automates your processes, saves costs and enhances customer experience. With Intelligent Digital Forms, enterprises can:

  • Simplify complexities
  • Cut costs of managing for  [...]


72. Expedite onboarding and improve Customer experience with Intelligent Forms Management Solution

Z- Forms, an innovation built on UniServe™ Platform powered by AI, Low-code, BPM and Machine Learning capabilities empowers enterprises to meet and exceed all business requirements. With Z-Forms you are sure to Simplify complexi  [...]


73. Fast track digital transformation with Forms Management Solution

Digital Transformation

With Artificial Intelligence, Low-Code, Microservices, Analytics, BPM and more, technology is transforming the way we approach day-to-day business. Every application requires Forms, be it Play

74. Leverage the Omni-channel Experience for business agility

An Omni-channel customer experience enables seamless and consistent customer experiences and delivers exceptional brand experiences uniformly across al  [...]


75. Digital Customer Experience is a new battlefront

Digital customer experience has become a key brand differentiator; telecoms must focus on providing superior customer experiences. This infographic provides insights on telecom industry trends, challenges faced by various stakehol  [...]


76. Digital Transformation in the Telecom Industry

Being customer-centric is not a choice anymore; it is a must for telecom service providers to survive. The journey of being customer-centric should start from understanding the customer and then aligning your organization aroun  [...]


77. Personalize customer communications across all channels with UniServe™ NXT

The main challenge here was to use the opportunity of customers heightened expectations in terms of control or transaction in customize more content with personalized messages and emails.

Solution at work:

78. Enhanced subscriber experience with Digitalization of Customer Onboarding

The telecom aimed to digitalize the entire customer life-cycle management starting with a compelling onboarding experience through an integrated platform.

The challenges the TSP faced were

  • The issue No  [...]


79. Digital Transformation of Enterprise Customer Experience

Digitalization of your B2B customer experience

The world's second largest telecom service provider was increasing their wallet share through Mergers and acquisition and launch of new products. This eventually led to a  [...]


80. Winning Propositions of Digital Platforms

Anisha Shastri, Director, Intense Technologies speaks about how digital platforms are changing the world and redefining the value proposition th  [...]


81. Reimagining Enterprises with Digital Platforms

Platforms lay the foundation for companies to profoundly transform into proactive enterprises to meet increasing customer expectations, adapt to evolving technologies and collaborate with ecosystems.  [...]

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82. Simplifying Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms bring with them various additional capabilities such as AI, ability to analyse data from IoT, RPA, etc. enabling enterprises to choose the capability according to their needs. Platforms are changing the way organ  [...]

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83. One Platform Better Customer Experience

Experience in the highly competitive business world, customer service, and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Enterprises are adding more services to their business por  [...]


84. One Platform Better Customer Experience for Telecom

Superior CX is the need of the hour!

In the highly competitive telecom industry, customer service and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Tele  [...]


85. Digital Customer Engagement for telecom service providers

Personalized and interactive statements improve customer experience and improve revenue

In today's digital era there is an increasing need for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to deliver a superior customer experience t  [...]


86. Interactive Communications for Banks

The new era of digital customer engagement is here

The rapid adoption of digital is radically changing the bank-customer relationship. Higher competition and increasing customer demands are pushing banks to focus on d  [...]


87. Digital Customer Engagement for banks

Build a competitive edge with UniServe™ NXT platform with pre-built solutions to automate processes throughout the customer journey for enhanced customer experiences. With UniServe™ NXT platform based solutions, improve custom  [...]


88. Digital customer engagement defines a competitive edge for banks

Banks face several roadblocks such as legacy infrastructure, absence of a single view of customer, lack of digital business platform, rising customer expectations and social media influence are a few to name. Despite these challen  [...]


89. B2B Customer Experience Management

UniServe™ NXT platform based B2B customer experience management solution helps you gain a complete view of your customers by bridging data and process silos. Easily configure UniServe™ NXT to bring together multiple people, pr  [...]


90. Automated pre-bill audit system to improve customer satisfaction of the largest wireless carrier in USA

Intense Technologies implemented a pre-built audit system for the service provider to automate the pre-bill audit process an  [...]


91. Customer experience with UniServe™ NXT platform

Enterprise customers today need greater visibility and want service providers to partner with them to achieve business growth. Being customer-centric is not a choice anymore; it is a must for telecom service providers to surviv  [...]


92. How B2B Customer Experience portal helps major TSPs achieve digitalisation

The B2B Customer Experience portal built on UniServe™ NXT helps to digitalize the customer experience lifecy  [...]


93. Boosting operational productivity and service activation with Document Management System

The insurance company chose the Document Management System solution built on UniServe™ NXT View

94. Customer communications management at ISP with UniServe™ NXT platform

A premium segment Indian Internet Service Provider (ISP) used our CCM solution to improve the bill delivery cycle, attain fas  [...]


95. DTH service provider optimized their business process using Document Management System built on UniServe™

The DTH service provider implemented the Document Management System (DMS) solution for their Legal and Regulatory System to manage the entire lifecycle of different types of content, including documents (paper/electronic) and imag  [...]


96. UniServe™ NXT the game changer

Today's business enterprises depend largely on innovation and fast delivery to build a competitive edge. Successful companies are constantly searching for ways to build new digital ecosystems streamline their business processes  [...]


97. Build business agility to stay ahead in the digital world

UniServe™ NXT platform empowers enterprises to adopt agile development methodologies to build enterprise applications. Advanced technological capabilities like configurable APIs, data virtualization, workflow built on modular ar  [...]


98. Build competitive edge through differentiated customer experience

"Customer experience is one of the top strategic priorities of enterprises. Customers expect service providers to ensure consistent brand experience across multiple lines of business through various physical and digital channels t  [...]


99. UniServe™ NXT – BPM based agile case management platform for enhanced customer experience

UniServe™ NXT offers out-of-the-box, configurable customer service automation case management solution which empowers enterprises to digitalize and automate customer service related business processes to optimally enhance custom  [...]


100. Make the Shift now – Digital Customer Onboarding with UniServe™ NXT

With Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT you can start off your customer relationship by onboarding your customers at half the time

  • Capture true copy of all the customer details & identity documents   [...]


101. Build a strong brand image, cut on OPEX & improve service delivery with UniServe™ NXT

Response management solution built on UniServe™ NXT, a BPM and RPA based solution, empowers enterprises to automate many of their response handling tasks in the customer service department and deliver benefits of efficiency and   [...]


102. Your ticket towards digital leadership

Act now on GDPR compliance and build a competitive edge.  [...]


103. RPA enabled data consolidation from multiple core systems and interactive engaging communications

UniServe™ NXT enables Robotic Process Automation for creating, a single communications hub, can consume input feed in multiple file formats from various disjointed applications – Billing, CRM, Legacy systems, etc., and process  [...]


104. Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT

Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT automates the entire business process. The solution is enabled with de-duplication engine and mobile application to provide compliance to AML/KYC norms and ensure faster TAT fo  [...]


105. Automated response management and efficient customer service with UniServe™

  • Turnaround time for complaints / requests / queries (CRQ) was brought down to 4 hours from 24 hours
  • Average response time for each CRQ was reduced to 30 minutes
  • Over 50000 CRQ’s of customers from al  [...]


106. Can experimentation unlock awesome ways of engaging customers?

If organizations want to win the trust of customers they have to ensure personal and contextual experience.  [...]

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107. Unify all disjointed systems for an enhanced customer experience

Customer experience is enhanced by creating synergy across multiple channels.  [...]

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108. Single view of customer for enhanced customer relationship with UniServe™ NXT

"UniServe™ NXT offers a comprehensive Customer Identity Management solution to achieve a single identity of the customer within your enterprise. Used for efficient fraud and risk management while onboarding also helps improve cu  [...]


109. What about Omni-channel experience is going wrong today? How do we make it right?

Business Agility that drives the Omni-channel Customer Experience mandates leveraging legacy and new-age systems to form a cohesive ecosystem that enables appropriate action on insights presented by big data.  [...]

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110. Bid adieu to campaign failure

Generate instant lead with highly personalized, location based, interactive advertisements straight to prospect’s inbox.  [...]


111. Modernize, unify, and improve visibility of Order Management with UniServe™ NXT

UniServe™ NXT helps service providers in modernizing existing infrastructure by forming an orchestration layer that connects multiple product catalogues and order management systems together, enabling service providers to create  [...]


112. Modernize, unify and improve visibility of Order Management with UniServe™ NXT

UniServe™ NXT helps service providers in modernizing existing infrastructure by forming an orchestration layer that connects multiple product catalogues and order management systems together, enabling service providers to create  [...]


113. Digital Customer Onboarding for building competitive advantage

"Digital Customer Onboarding for building competitive advantage With UniServe™ NXT platform you can kick-start your customer relationship by onboarding your customers at half the time

  • Capture true copy   [...]


114. Third largest telecom company in the world implements Customer Identity Management solution for enhanced customer experience and compliance needs

This global telecom was looking at a solution where they could increase customer experience and also adhere to statutory compliances. TRAI regulations mandate that a subscriber should not have more than a stipulated number of c  [...]


115. Centralized alerts and notifications hub for enhanced customer engagement

Centralized notifications engine is a powerful, unified, two-way communication hub, designed to help organizations communicate more rapidly and effectively. This hub enables real-time alerts/notifications, to all your stakeholders  [...]


116. Next-gen Onboarding Solution

Onboarding customers is the first step in starting the customer relationship, and the Fastest growing Telecom Service Provider in the world wanted to deliver the fastest and an efficient onboarding experience to ace the Indian   [...]


117. Customer Onboarding: How To Make A Great First Impression

Last month, I went to the US to attend one of my friend’s wedding. It was one of the memorable wedding ceremonies that I’ve attended so far. But our discussion in not about the wedding today, it’s about how to make an amazin  [...]

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118. Smart compliance of regulations for registration of telephone subscribers

Customers today want their onboarding to be as smooth as possible. So, enterprises today should be focusing on enhancing their services in order to enhance experience. There is also the concern of the services being misused as   [...]


119. Digital customer engagement solution

Today, technology is driving customerengagement and our digital customer engagement solutions will h  [...]


120. TSP Optimized operations, reduced TCO and improved marketing messaging with UniServe™

With more than 100 million subscribers, the third largest TSP in the world and also the largest cellular service provider in India offers mobile, broadband, telephone and enterprise services across all 23 telecom circles in Ind  [...]


121. Personalized and interactive statements to enhance customer experience and improve revenue

Customer communication management for Telecoms

In the digital era, there is an increasing need for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to deliver a superior customer experience to their subscribers. It is a business impe  [...]


122. UniServe™ NXT provides centralized Customer Engagement Hub

Every business today is going digital

Businesses can thrive only if they leverage digital channels to efficiently interact with stakeholders like customers, partners, employees and regulators. And these customers want  [...]


123. Billing Revenue Assurance and Audit - Complexities and Challenges

Worldwide, today’s Telecom Service Providers are grappling with problems of revenue leakage, customer dissatisfaction and compliance complexities arising out of billing inaccuracies. On one hand, when customers are over-b  [...]


124. Pre-bill auditing automation for telecoms

Contain revenue leakage with UniServe™ NXT

Telecom Service Providers today face many challenges like growing digital adoption of consumers, stiff competition, stringent regulatory mandates and high operational e  [...]


125. Digitalization throughout customer lifecycle

UniServe™ NXT digitizes customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle while buying, using, and sharing, thus impr  [...]


126. UniServe™ NXT empowers you to secure digital privacy. Be compliant and protect customer data.

Eliminate data redundancy and create a single identity for each customer using UniServe™ NXT.  [...]


127. How a telecom service provider enhanced its B2B customer experience with UniServe™ NXT Platform

Digitization of B2B customer experience

The world’s second largest telecom service provider, saved more than 4 million Euros in just operations cost apart from other savings, in the 1st year of impl  [...]


128. UniServe™ NXT platform provides powerful digital capabilities

Enterprise customers are going digital and are demanding greater control, transparency, customization and faster service delivery. UniServe™ NXT enables you to differentiate your services and save millions because of reduced   [...]


129. Digital transformation of B2B customer experience

A Leading telecom service provider in UK having extensive enterprise lines of business and operating across 30 countries wanted to digitally transform their enterprise customer experience. Their existing IT systems were not equ  [...]


130. The edge and advantage of B2B customer experience solution

UniServe™ NXT Platform offers comprehensive solutions that provide rich features, advantages, and benefits to enterprises to cater to the demanding needs of B2B customers. Service providers can configure the platform and leverag  [...]


131. Build competitive edge through differentiated customer experience

Customer experience is one of the top strategic priorities of enterprises. Customers expect service providers to ensure consistent brand experience across multiple lines of business through various physical and digital channels th  [...]


132. Agility drives enhanced customer experience

Customer traverses multiple channels, by either personal choice or convenience. A consistent omnichannel experience is thus crucial. This needs to be delivered consistently across all applications and devices, personalized to the   [...]


133. Act on insights from big data

UniServe™ NXT platform helps enterprises act on insights from big data. The Omni-channel platform enables business agility  [...]


134. Customer communications solutions built on UniServe™ NXT for banking

The new era of digital customer service is here

Higher competition and increasing customer demands need banks to focus on differentiating their services and engaging customers better. Evolving times have led to higher  [...]


135. 360-degree customer view of interactions to enhance your business agility

Understanding your customer for business agility

Customer information is present in multiple systems and spread across multiple lines of business. As a result enterprises do not have a holistic view of their customers  [...]


136. 360 degree view of customer interactions for enhanced customer experience

UniServe™ NXT is a comprehensive customer engagement and information management platform that digitalizes Omni-channel customer experience. With our unified platform you could maintain a single customer relationship across all s  [...]


137. CCM solution delivers cost-effective, multichannel communications of IT returns to the citizens of India

The Income Tax department is a government body, an arm of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, of Department of Revenue in Ministry of Finance, India. The year 2000 saw an overhaul of the department with stress on computerization  [...]


138. Fastest growing telecom company in the world leveraged our Customer Engagement Hub to improve productivity

The Telecom service provider (TSP) operating as a subsidiary of one of the largest publicly traded companies by market capitalization in India aims to revolutionize the Indian telecom service industry by providing the lowest co  [...]


139. Delivering consistent customer communications and elevating brand image with UniServe™

A communications service provider in Hungary belonging to the group of second largest service provider in the world in terms of subscriber base was the first telco operating in the DCS-1800 band in the country. The company now   [...]


140. Enhanced subscriber experience with Digital Customer Onboarding

Digital Customer Onboarding

One India's largest and leading public sector units providing comprehensive range of telecom services implements AI driven UniServe™ NXT platform to enhance their subscriber experience, d  [...]


141. Improved and cost-effective customer communications at one of the Indian TSP

Indian broadband and telecommunications service provider realised that the growing competition made personalized and efficient customer communication a critical factor.


  • Incorporating design   [...]


142. Indian TSP installed pre-bill audit system to contain customer discontent, caused by erroneous billing

This leading Indian telecom company, with operations all over India (divided into 22 different geographical telecom circles), has been a market leader for years in the fixed wireless telephony segments, serving over 10 million   [...]


143. Mexican telecom service provider redefined their B2B Customer Experience

The Telecom Service Provider, with a vast enterprise customer base, knew that this segment contributed significantly to their revenue and was looking for a solution that would enable them to enhance --> View

144. Digital Marketing solutions curated for Banks through UniServe™ NXT

This global leader in consumer finance with more than 118 million satisfied customers, entered into a joint venture with a leading local Indian Bank to provide customized financial services.

Challenges faced:


145. India’s third largest mobile operator implements Customer identity management solution to adhere to statutory requirement

This TSP with a network of over 100,000 2G and 3G cell sites, spread across over 55,000 towns in India had some major concerns as-

  • Adherence to regulatory requirements of customer identity management
  • Co  [...]


146. UniServe™ NXT delivered customer experience and faster revenue realization for the first telecommunications company in Oman

Over the years this telecom in Oman had their enterprise customers constitute a major source for them. So their major goal was now to enhance customer experience across all customer segments.

Some of their challenges:   [...]


147. Data consolidation and agile communications with UniServe™

UniServe™ platform simplified existing legacy environment and bridged process silos and empowered leading online insurance company in India with an agile process for delivering communications based on business and regulatory nee  [...]


148. UniServe™ platform supported unprecedented nationwide expansion with superior billing experience

Customer Communications Management solution empowered customers to analyze their bills across multiple personalized parameters. The self-care module supported several intelligent features like duplicate bill delivery, personalized  [...]


149. Long-term life insurance provider with its headquarters In India modernized its customer communications with UniServe™

Customer Communications Management solution enables digitalization of Omni-channel customer experience. It handles all the communications that are sent through SMS, Email, print, CRM, and self-Care. CRM executives can now process   [...]


150. Third largest telecom service provider in the world implemented B2B Customer Experience management solution

Unified digital enterprise customer experience solution enabled the TSP to differentiate their services and save millions in costs from streamlined operations. It helped them with customer retention and reduced overall turnaround   [...]


151. One of the leading insurance provider implemented UniServe™ for end-to-end process automation and cost optimization

Insurance provider could achieve their goal of offering customers a more personalized experience. The solution improved their operational efficiency through intelligent printing and delivery options.  [...]


152. Customer preferred communications for one of the India's largest insurance company

Joint venture between one of India's largest private sector banks, and a leading international financial services group headquartered in the United Kingdom have achieved huge savings in maintenance costs through elimination of mul  [...]


153. Indian TSP implements Customer Identity Management solution for single view of customers

Intense's de-dupe engine performs a process of establishing the customer’s identity across existing customer database. Online de-dupe check is done prior to onboarding customers to enable efficient compliance to regulations.  [...]


154. Process optimization and cost minimization across customer communications for an insurance company

Private general insurance company which is a joint venture between Indian conglomerate and German financial services group has benefited with huge returns on investment as our Customer Communications Management solution enabled th  [...]


155. Modernize bill presentment and improve customer satisfaction

The second-largest mobile network operator of Bangladesh with a strong network and seamless connectivity for more than 24 million people across Bangladesh aimed to modernize its bill presentment. The main challenge was that the  [...]


156. Faster customer onboarding with 100% compliance to KYC regulations

A leading global telecommunications company with operations in 19 countries across Asia and Africa implemented our Customer onboarding solution for faster customer onboarding and effective compliance to KYC regulations.



157. innovative products and services with Intense’s CCM solution

A leading bank in UAE wanted to improvise its customer-facing processes, send secure interactive messages, automate workflows, and more.

Some of their operational challenges:

  • Lack of password protection  [...]


158. India’s third largest mobile operator improves customer experience with Customer Communications Management solution

The main challenge was managing customer communications across multiple output channels (white mail, email, SMS, Fax, etc) which was proving to be tedious, expensive and time consuming.

Solution at work:



159. Delivering Business agility with the right digital solution

The main challenge was to become the best mobile service provider in their region. Some of their barriers were template management and a unified portal for communications.

Solution at work:

Intense’s doc  [...]


160. Digital Customer Onboarding for improved market share and reduced turnaround times by more than 50%

Meetingthe demands of the digital customer by adopting digital technologies and transforming its existing process.

Solution at work:

  • Their main objective was to:
  • To curb the manual effort
  •   [...]


161. Digital customer engagement for greater experience & loyalty

Customer Communications Management solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform enables businesses to achieve customer centricity with minimal carbon footprint on the environment. Enterprises with large customer bases can intelligen  [...]


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility