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Simplifying- digital- platforms

What do you do when you’re craving for pizza? Well, there are many ways you could go about this. Since, you’re particular about how your pizza should taste, you could bake one from scratch – knead the dough, pluck fresh veggies, make your topping and bake it. But that takes time, effort and is not the best idea when you’re hungry! You could go to the supermarket, pick ready-made ingredients for the perfect pizza of your taste – not a bad idea at all. Or, in today’s world when home-made yummy pizza is available on a food delivery app, you could customize your toppings, place an order and voila, relish a pizza personalized to your taste in 30 mins.

Now think of when enterprises need to build software applications for their businesses. They could code applications from scratch; investing time, people and money. Or they could use a platform like ours, UniServe™ NXT, to drag and drop components relevant to their requirement without the effort of hard-core development. Better yet, they could lay out their requirements to us and we could put it together for them to suit their organization’s exact needs, again without development effort. A platform is somewhat similar to the pizza model where you don’t do anything related to the technical work. Imagine the user interface as the pizza base, data the toppings, APIs the cheese and BPM the sauce. Because, just as any pizza consists of these basic ingredients, any software is built using these basic components. With all of these readily available on the platform, all you need to do is drag and drop what is needed to create your application or order one from us.

Platforms empower you to make your own software giving you the choice of customization, the power to experiment and hit the market much faster with the flexibility of agile change management, all without the need for coding. Like pizzas come in plenty of varieties such as thin crust, barbeque and more, platforms bring with them various additional capabilities such as AI, ability to analyse data from IoT, RPA, etc. enabling enterprises to choose the capability according to their needs.

Enterprises worldwide are moving from a product-based approach to a platform-based one and so are we.


Anisha Shastri

Anisha Shastri comes with a diverse experience of working with large enterprises, SMEs and startups. Along with working on innovative digital platforms, her expertise lies in building corporate and product strategies. Having consulted for large clients in the Telecommunications, BFSI and Health Care industries, she comes with immense domain knowledge in these industries and a strong passion to help enterprises adapt to platforms to build a competitive edge. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, U.S.A and a Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology from Osmania University. Currently, Anisha handles business strategy and overseas growth for Intense.

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