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Digital technology solutions to help you build competitive edge

Manufacturing enterprises need technology solutions to optimize overall business costs, support digital initiatives, and deliver innovation. Also, customer engagement through digital channels is the fulcrum of success, upon which different components of customer experience are balanced.

UniServe™ NXT enables manufacturing enterprises to adapt to digital technologies for customer engagement and reduce communications costs by eliminating physical document archives.

Our adaptive digital technology capabilities nravels a host of opportunities to design new processes and technical architecture for monitoring, assessing and improving customer engagement. Gain business insights for deeper customer engagement, revenue growth, and overall business cost reductions.

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Customer communications management solution is an end-to-end document automation solution that helps manufacturing enterprises to conduct their transactions in a paperless mode. The solution augments the existing IT infrastructure by automating the generation, design and distribution of all the types of documents, such as invoices, packing lists, mailers, labels, customs forms, and driver-ready packs through digital channels.

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See how you can transform your customer experience lifecycle


Analyze customer information to gain insights and deliver consistent, personalized experience across physical and digital channels.

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Reduce operational expenses by automating document creation, designing and distribution. Send interactive and contextual communications to multiple stakeholders to improve process efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs.

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Transform your customer experience and equip business agility