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Accelerate your digital transformation to become more relevant to customers

1. Unleash the power of interactive billing and enhance CX

One brand, one voice, and one cohesive digital experience. Consumers today demand more from their utility providers. They desire highly customized experiences as well as assistance in comprehending usage and billing rates that   [...]


2. Unleash your true business potential with marketing automation!

Explore the Best-in-class marketing automation tool for effective Campaign management and digital customer engagement that help optimize customer journeys and improve CX. UniServeTM Reach is a comple  [...]


3. Elevate the Customer Experience like Never Before!

With Intense Technologies’ cloud-hosted Customer Engagement Solutions, move your Customer Communications from a cost   [...]


4. Unlock the power of digital customer experience

Intense Technologies is a leading enterprise software products company present across 4 continents. We help enterprises deliver agility by digitalizing the customer experience lifecycle. Our platform --> Play

5. Digital onboarding for the connected banking customer

In times of physical distancing and remote working, banks are moving towards new ways of connecting to their customers. They are meeting them right where the customers are. Banking customers can now complete the KYC for their a  [...]


6. Digital apps for enterprises

Agility is critical to Business enterprises

Solutions have evolved from manual processes to digital and now agile and intelligent. An agile organization allows a company to increase speed of execution, better respond   [...]


7. Creating a seamless customer experience with our Digital Customer Engagement solution

The Customer Communications Management (CCM) caters to enterprise communication needs across multiple domains – telecom, banking, insurance, government, utilities, and more. Technology is changing the dynamics of custom  [...]


8. Onboarding customers is faster and more efficient with UniServe™ NXT

Digital Customer Onboarding

Here is an interesting case-study of one of the fastest growing 4G Telecom service providers in the world. The TSP implemented our award winning UniServe™ NXT platform's --> Play

9. Personalized and interactive statements enhance customer experience

Globally, the insurance sector is undergoing a transformation and more and more Insurance companies are making the shift towards digital, with an increased focus on digital modes of interaction.

--> Play

10. Bring in new customers with our Digital Onboarding Solution and accelerate Digital Transformation!

Don't quarantine your business

The world is fighting a health pandemic as well as an economic pandemic, and the shift to digital is essential more than ever. --> Play

11. Digital Platforms of Enterprise Applications

Digital transformation

Digital technologies are changing the world as never before. Changing market dynamics, expanding business, increasing margins and streamlining operations within a budget has become a constant s  [...]


12. Fast track digital transformation with Forms Management Solution

Digital Transformation

With Artificial Intelligence, Low-Code, Microservices, Analytics, BPM and more, technology is transforming the way we approach day-to-day business. Every application requires Forms, be it Play

13. Digital Transformation of Enterprise Customer Experience

Digitalization of your B2B customer experience

The world's second largest telecom service provider was increasing their wallet share through Mergers and acquisition and launch of new products. This eventually led to a  [...]


14. Winning Propositions of Digital Platforms

Anisha Shastri, Director, Intense Technologies speaks about how digital platforms are changing the world and redefining the value proposition th  [...]


15. One Platform Better Customer Experience

Experience in the highly competitive business world, customer service, and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Enterprises are adding more services to their business por  [...]


16. One Platform Better Customer Experience for Telecom

Superior CX is the need of the hour!

In the highly competitive telecom industry, customer service and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Tele  [...]


17. Digital Customer Engagement for telecom service providers

Personalized and interactive statements improve customer experience and improve revenue

In today's digital era there is an increasing need for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to deliver a superior customer experience t  [...]


18. Interactive Communications for Banks

The new era of digital customer engagement is here

The rapid adoption of digital is radically changing the bank-customer relationship. Higher competition and increasing customer demands are pushing banks to focus on d  [...]


19. How B2B Customer Experience portal helps major TSPs achieve digitalisation

The B2B Customer Experience portal built on UniServe™ NXT helps to digitalize the customer experience lifecy  [...]


20. Digital customer engagement solution

Today, technology is driving customerengagement and our digital customer engagement solutions will h  [...]


21. Personalized and interactive statements to enhance customer experience and improve revenue

Customer communication management for Telecoms

In the digital era, there is an increasing need for Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) to deliver a superior customer experience to their subscribers. It is a business impe  [...]


22. UniServe™ NXT provides centralized Customer Engagement Hub

Every business today is going digital

Businesses can thrive only if they leverage digital channels to efficiently interact with stakeholders like customers, partners, employees and regulators. And these customers want  [...]


23. Digitalization throughout customer lifecycle

UniServe™ NXT digitizes customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle while buying, using, and sharing, thus impr  [...]


24. How a telecom service provider enhanced its B2B customer experience with UniServe™ NXT Platform

Digitization of B2B customer experience

The world’s second largest telecom service provider, saved more than 4 million Euros in just operations cost apart from other savings, in the 1st year of impl  [...]


25. Act on insights from big data

UniServe™ NXT platform helps enterprises act on insights from big data. The Omni-channel platform enables business agility  [...]


26. Customer communications solutions built on UniServe™ NXT for banking

The new era of digital customer service is here

Higher competition and increasing customer demands need banks to focus on differentiating their services and engaging customers better. Evolving times have led to higher  [...]


27. 360-degree customer view of interactions to enhance your business agility

Understanding your customer for business agility

Customer information is present in multiple systems and spread across multiple lines of business. As a result enterprises do not have a holistic view of their customers  [...]


28. Enhanced subscriber experience with Digital Customer Onboarding

Digital Customer Onboarding

One India's largest and leading public sector units providing comprehensive range of telecom services implements AI driven UniServe™ NXT platform to enhance their subscriber experience, d  [...]


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility