Digital customer engagement

AI-based Digital Onboarding

Reduce onboarding time, ensure compliance to KYC regulations and seamless onboarding with UniServe™ NXT

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Digital Customer Onboarding

With UniServe™ NXT platform you can kick-start your customer relationship by onboarding your customers at half the time and improve efficiency.

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Drive self-help strategy

Interactive videos provide personalized options for digital self-service that in turn lowers customer care costs while improving customer satisfaction.

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Digital First Platforms

Forward-thinking Telecoms understand that Digital First Platforms offer increased agility, reduce time to market while improving the customer experience

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Optimizing customer experience with seamless digital onboarding

While employees are safely working from home, empower customers with self-help and interactive digital communications powered by UniServe™ NXT. See how the fastest growing 4G telecom operator embarked on digital transformation by creating new accounts, in compliance with KYC to build the competitive edge.

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The New Era of Interactive Videos and personalized campaigns

Responsive, interactive communications allow customers the convenience of the self-service portal within the e-statement. Empower your customers with self-help and interactive digital communications powered by UniServe™ NXT

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Intense Technologies has been positioned as a ‘Leader’ in the 2020 Aspire Leaderboard Business Automation grid and as a ‘Focused’ vendor in the Overall Leaders for CCM,Communication Composition and Omni-channel orchestration grids.

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Unify order management systems with UniServe™ NXT

Pre-bill auditing automation for telecoms

Unique, one of its kind solution built on the platform UniServe™ NXT, read how our solution helps enterprises to arrest revenue leakage by automating financial reconciliation process. With this solution, enterprises can improve revenue, enhance customer experience, confirm to regulatory requirements with lower cost and personalize offerings to customers.

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Recognized in Gartner Market Guide for CCM

Intense Technologies has been named in Gartner Market Guide as one of Representative Vendors of the Customer Communications Management.

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Deliver seamless user experience with robust compliance

Here’s an interesting case-study of how a leading global telecommunications company implemented our customer onboarding solution for faster customer onboarding and effective compliance to KYC regulations. Using mobile application to capture key customer information and biometrics enabled paperless compliance and reduced the onboarding time considerably.

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Digital Customer Engagement- A game changer

Today, technology is changing the dynamics of customer engagement, which is critical for gaining market share. The New-age customer expects new technologies like connected devices and social media to create superior, personalized and consistent experience.

UniServe™ NXT, our digital platform helps teams collaborate with each other to take customer experience to the next level.

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Deliver contextual experience using tiny data

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility