Digital customer engagement

Modernize Order Management

Offer bundles and promotions to improve your competitive position

Faster order cycle times

Undergo a digital transformation to speed up order capture, product catalogue requests, and fulfillment processes across entire lines of business.

Lower order fallouts

Streamline data silos to enable multiple stakeholders like CRM, operations, and field support teams to have a unified view of order statuses.

Interoperability and Flexibility

Support multiple connected devices and channels to produce a seamless order management experience.

Unify order management systems with UniServe™ NXT

Unify multiple order management systems across varying lines of business with our platform. We bring all critical factors for seamless onboarding together, and then deliver consistent experiences to all your customers, no matter what devices and / or channels they use to place and track orders.

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Unify order management systems with UniServe™ NXT

Improve revenues with a unified product catalogue

Your marketing department can enjoy a single view of all offers across multiple systems. It can access information on customer transactions to proactively launch personalized offers. In the end, your digital transformation will produce fewer instances of order fallout due to mismatch in product catalogues.

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Implement order management systems that support M2M and IoT

A single Internet of Things account might have thousands of devices – all part of a single order. UniServe™ NXT helps transform order management systems to accommodate rollbacks and track usage thresholds.

UniServe™ NXT creates an order management ecosystem

When partners need to access your order management systems, you have to deliver. Ensuring that partners' customers get all the devices and services they need is easy with our platform. UniServe™ NXT has a configurable API layer that makes it easy to communicate with third-party systems.

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Connected order management capabilities during mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be taxing on different order management systems with varying capabilities. Our platform can make them work together immediately, delivering a consistent experience to customers during mergers or acquisitions or while bundling offers within the same brand.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility