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Discover the impact of AI on tech-enabled services. From generative AI to driverless cars, explore how innovation is transforming our world.

Embracing the New Era of tech enabled Services:

The era of tech-enabled services, marked by differentiating experiences, is already upon us. Take for instance, AI. AI is everywhere around us. It’s at the heart of our discussions on innovation. Sometime back we were concerned with the fear of robots taking over the world. Today we talk about generative AI, driverless cars; machines –– that predict their own maintenance needs. With this current wave of change, the only limit is our own imagination.

Pioneering Innovation Through Artificial Intelligence and Technology:

The rules of the game are dynamic with economic value being created through enhanced and unprecedented tech-enabled services based on the tenets of sharing and subscription, rather than of ownership. This shift towards a services economy calls for a mindset that understands multichannel relationships, customer behavior, and the value of scalable technology platforms.

All things around us — things that we previously thought of as products— are becoming services. For instance, the autonomous car of the future will serve as your personal assistant, as well as provide rich data to your car manufacturer and your auto insurer, who in turn will provide more personalized and improved services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data are defining our everyday experiences. It’s all about crafting unique experiences that will differentiate services. Today, our customers, primarily millennials, prioritize experience spending over ownership. These experiences are marked by hypepersonalization, intuitive interactions, and purpose. Their satisfaction hinges on a seamless journey for experiences they crave like placing a dinner order. Every detail matters – from restaurant choices to app speed, content quality, and flawless food delivery.

Let’s look at how Data Analytics is revolutionizing the banking world! With tons of data to handle, you’d think banks might drown. But no, Data Analytics are the lifeguards for their data ocean. They make managing all that info a breeze.

Banks are now using Data Analytics to understand how customers roll – their investing patterns, shopping sprees, and financial histories. With these insights, banks can whip up tailor-made solutions that keep existing customers happy and get in new ones. It’s like offering a personal shopping assistant for your finances!

It’s no surprise that tech-enabled services, hyper personalization, and the ability to create meaningful connections with customers is an essential part of any successful strategy as technology-enabled customer data increases. As Data, analytics, and AI are essential tools in crafting a hyper-personalized strategy to help customers solve their toughest business issues, it’s all about taking things personally!

As an experienced global technology products company, we understand these massive changes and make them work for organizations.

Over the years, Intense has evolved from a purely products company to intelligent operations and data driven services, adding value to customers. In this world of hyper-personalization, we at Intense are seizing every opportunity to empower customers with our IP enabled tech services and a superior product portfolio.

Everything around us — things that we previously thought of as products— are becoming services.


Anisha Shastri

Anisha Shastri comes with a diverse experience of working with large enterprises, SMEs and startups. Along with working on innovative digital platforms, her expertise lies in building corporate and product strategies. Having consulted for large clients in the Telecommunications, BFSI and Health Care industries, she comes with immense domain knowledge in these industries and a strong passion to help enterprises adapt to platforms to build a competitive edge. She holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College, U.S.A and a Bachelor of Engineering, Information Technology from Osmania University. Currently, Anisha handles business strategy and overseas growth for Intense.

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