Digital customer engagement

Digital Customer Engagement Platform

a complete Marketing Automation Tool built for scale, speed, and personalization.

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Actionable insights

Transform raw data into valuable insights and turn insights into proactive measures using customer analytics.

Improve Conversions

Send contextual campaigns on customer’s preferred channel and time and improve customer experience.

Bridge data silos

Pre-built connectors adapters, and data virtualization technologies help modernize existing legacy infrastructure instantly.

UniServe™ NXT transforms traditional businesses to digital businesses

Reach. Engage. Transform.

Keeping the marketers at the center, UniServe™ Reach enables, seamless automation of routine tasks, cross-channel campaigns, personalized campaigns for cross-sell, upsell, and lead generation.

Built for delivering exceptional experience at each stage of the customer journey

UniServe™ Reach helps you understand engagement across channels both online and offline, so you always know where your customers are at every stage of their journey.

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UniServe™ Reach-
Digital Customer Engagement Platform



Are you using marketing automation in your business?

Data in silos, disjointed customer experiences, and complex customer journeys can lead to missed opportunities. Read the Brochure to know how marketing automation tools help enterprises find the right prospects while increasing revenues and shortening sale cycles.

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Information Technology

Increase Campaign Efficiency

Information Technology

Increase Conversions

Information Technology

Enhance Customer Experience

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qualify more leads, convert more, and grow more.

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