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Intelligent Digital Forms (Z-Forms)

Hyderabad- Feb 24, 2020 : Digital Forms are an updated or the e-version of paper forms. These can be accessed from anywhere in the world; these are economic in comparison to the printed forms. The use of digital forms reduces the cost of printing and unlike paper forms, the digital ones can be filled faster and the information entered is accurate.

Features of Digital Forms
Digital forms are user-friendly with a host of features such as camera, location, address, user credentials and much more. The data is stored and secured thus minimizing risks associated with security and confidentiality.

Here’s why enterprises must make the switch to effortless data management with digital forms. Going paperless enhances productivity, improves efficiency, saves time, money and resources.


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Evolving CCM and the journey thus far (1980-2020)

Hyderabad- Feb 10, 2020 : The late eighties saw the launch of a revolutionary product, Customer Communications Management (CCM) software, a product that made an immense impact in the market. Banks, Telecom companies, Insurance companies and Financial Institutions introduced Customer Communications Management software for their transactional documents such as SOA, Bank account Statements, invoices etc.

Today, four decades since the launch, the CCM engine has made a mark in the domain of Customer Service with enhanced Customer Experience being the major advantage delivered. CCM is no longer defined by print and documents. The CCM solution has made its way into centralized communication platforms, customized to meet the requirements of the user.

A powerful Customer Communications Management Software delivers business value for organizations and improves customer experience amongst the ma...

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Beyond Connectivity! Why telecoms in India need to rethink their revenue generation strategy?

Hyderabad- Nov 06, 2019 : According to the expectations of Industry experts, a huge growth was projected in Telecommunications sector worldwide for (FY 2019). However, it is evident that in comparison to Telecommunications, industries such as IT, Healthcare & Manufacturing are leading and are one step ahead in the aspect of revenue generation. Now, it’s the turn of Telecom Sector to understand the root cause for low performance.

Analyzing the scenarios that support the above statement at the grass root level, segregating the industry’s performance geographically, a country like India with a population of 1.3 billion where more than 80% (number on rise) of the population is using mobile phones and other digital services, an analysis must be initiated by the top shots of the industry as to why we are still lagging behind? For a country that excessively uses the internet and mobile phones, the sec...

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