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Accelerate your digital transformation to become more relevant to customers

1. Intense's CPaaS Platform: Enabling Omnichannel Communication and Hyper-Personalized Customer Engagement

In today's digital landscape, customers expect businesses to deliver convenient, intuitive, and easy-to-use digital touchpoints that enable seamless communication. --> View

2. Automate and step up your multi-channel engagement marketing strategy!

Explore the Best-in-class marketing automation tool for effective Campaign management and digital customer engagement that help optimize customer journeys and improve CX. UniServe™ Reach is a complete digital  [...]


3. Create a Seamless, Personalized B2B Customer Experience for Telecom Customers

Customer requirements are rapidly evolving and the overall customer experience is determined by how seamless and effective the CX is across the entire value chain. View

4. Delivering Future Ready Digital Banking Experiences with Omni-channel

Today’s empowered and connected banking customers demand services according to their individual preferences of interaction. They use one or a combination of channels such as online banking, contact centers, chatbots, ATMs  [...]


5. Develop Enterprise Applications Fast

The evolution of digital technologies and the constant shift in customer expectations and behavior presents businesses with an unprecedented risk of disruption. Moreover, both old and new competitors are just a click away for c  [...]


6. Optimizing the insurance customer journey

The ever-changing demands of the New-Age Insurance customer

The new insurance customer expects an integrated experience across all channels. They're also looking for unique experiences tailored to their needs. In fact  [...]


7. GST Solution

A 100% compliant, intelligent e-invoicing and filing solution built on UniServe™ NXT. Our E-invoice soluti  [...]


8. Innovative Digital Onboarding Solution for Banks

The UniServe™ NXT platform based onboarding solution for banks helps bring in new customers by onboarding your customers at  [...]


9. Delivering consistent customer engagement across customer lifecycle

Customer Engagement Hub is an advanced omnichannel solution that helps banks - onboard, service and engage with their customers m  [...]


10. Enhance customer experience and optimise service costs with interactive video statements

Interactive video statements enhance customer experience significantly. In a day and age where digital interactions can build better customer loyalty with improved service, and --> View

11. Enhance customer experience with interactive mobile responsive statements

The Interactive HTML 5 Based CCM solution transforms customer experience by aligning with the organization’s digital-first strategy and thus enhances the value based relationship. This helps reduce customer engagement cos  [...]


12. Improve business process automation with Document Management System

Enterprise actions are driven by content. The future will belong to those enterprises that share, secure and work with this content faster and more intelligently. Data Management System enables enterprises to establish secure and   [...]


13. Enable Digital Transformation with our cloud ready, customer engagement solution

The banking industry has embraced digital transformation like no other. We have a digital landscape where customers are using mobile apps, social channels, connected things, etc. to interact with their banks. The hyper-connecte  [...]


14. Digital First platform- the way forward

A Digital First platform is a must for today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

UniServe™ NXT platform offers a comprehensive --> View

15. The future of digital customer engagement is here

Stay ahead in the digital race with UniServe™ NXT platform that offers world-class customer engagement and information management solution. Digitalize your customer-centric processes with innovation accelerators like AI, and   [...]


16. Be a digital First enterprise with our customer engagement Cloud Ready solution

Customer Experience is the competitive differentiator and rendering omni-channel experience to customers is the key for customer retention and loyal  [...]


17. Digital First platform for today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

Forward-thinking Telecoms understand that Digital First Platforms offer increased agility, reduce time to market, while improving the customer experience  [...]


18. Intense helps enterprises in their digital transformation

Technology is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. There's a growing interest in integrating technology into everyday life, people have with ease moved to digital mediums such as Social Media platforms, connected th  [...]


19. Digital Transformation in times of Covid-19

The current pandemic has accelerated digital transformation initiative across the globe. Even the traditional Banking and Financial Sector has adopted digital-first strategy to keep pace with the changing market dynamics, custo  [...]


20. AI powered Forms Management Solution empowers enterprises to meet and exceed all business requirements

AI powered Forms Management Solution automates your processes, saves costs and enhances customer experience. With Intelligent Digital Forms, enterprises can:

  • Simplify complexities
  • Cut costs of managing for  [...]


21. Digital Customer Engagement for banks

Build a competitive edge with UniServe™ NXT platform with pre-built solutions to automate processes throughout the customer journey for enhanced customer experiences. With UniServe™ NXT platform based solutions, improve custom  [...]


22. UniServe™ NXT the game changer

Today's business enterprises depend largely on innovation and fast delivery to build a competitive edge. Successful companies are constantly searching for ways to build new digital ecosystems streamline their business processes  [...]


23. UniServe™ NXT – BPM based agile case management platform for enhanced customer experience

UniServe™ NXT offers out-of-the-box, configurable customer service automation case management solution which empowers enterprises to digitalize and automate customer service related business processes to optimally enhance custom  [...]


24. Make the Shift now – Digital Customer Onboarding with UniServe™ NXT

With Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT you can start off your customer relationship by onboarding your customers at half the time

  • Capture true copy of all the customer details & identity documents   [...]


25. Build a strong brand image, cut on OPEX & improve service delivery with UniServe™ NXT

Response management solution built on UniServe™ NXT, a BPM and RPA based solution, empowers enterprises to automate many of their response handling tasks in the customer service department and deliver benefits of efficiency and   [...]


26. RPA enabled data consolidation from multiple core systems and interactive engaging communications

UniServe™ NXT enables Robotic Process Automation for creating, a single communications hub, can consume input feed in multiple file formats from various disjointed applications – Billing, CRM, Legacy systems, etc., and process  [...]


27. Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT

Customer Onboarding solution built on UniServe™ NXT automates the entire business process. The solution is enabled with de-duplication engine and mobile application to provide compliance to AML/KYC norms and ensure faster TAT fo  [...]


28. Single view of customer for enhanced customer relationship with UniServe™ NXT

"UniServe™ NXT offers a comprehensive Customer Identity Management solution to achieve a single identity of the customer within your enterprise. Used for efficient fraud and risk management while onboarding also helps improve cu  [...]


29. Bid adieu to campaign failure

Generate instant lead with highly personalized, location based, interactive advertisements straight to prospect’s inbox.  [...]


30. Modernize, unify, and improve visibility of Order Management with UniServe™ NXT

UniServe™ NXT helps service providers in modernizing existing infrastructure by forming an orchestration layer that connects multiple product catalogues and order management systems together, enabling service providers to create  [...]


31. Modernize, unify and improve visibility of Order Management with UniServe™ NXT

UniServe™ NXT helps service providers in modernizing existing infrastructure by forming an orchestration layer that connects multiple product catalogues and order management systems together, enabling service providers to create  [...]


32. Digital Customer Onboarding for building competitive advantage

"Digital Customer Onboarding for building competitive advantage With UniServe™ NXT platform you can kick-start your customer relationship by onboarding your customers at half the time

  • Capture true copy   [...]


33. Centralized alerts and notifications hub for enhanced customer engagement

Centralized notifications engine is a powerful, unified, two-way communication hub, designed to help organizations communicate more rapidly and effectively. This hub enables real-time alerts/notifications, to all your stakeholders  [...]


34. Pre-bill auditing automation for telecoms

Contain revenue leakage with UniServe™ NXT

Telecom Service Providers today face many challenges like growing digital adoption of consumers, stiff competition, stringent regulatory mandates and high operational e  [...]


35. UniServe™ NXT platform provides powerful digital capabilities

Enterprise customers are going digital and are demanding greater control, transparency, customization and faster service delivery. UniServe™ NXT enables you to differentiate your services and save millions because of reduced   [...]


36. The edge and advantage of B2B customer experience solution

UniServe™ NXT Platform offers comprehensive solutions that provide rich features, advantages, and benefits to enterprises to cater to the demanding needs of B2B customers. Service providers can configure the platform and leverag  [...]


37. 360 degree view of customer interactions for enhanced customer experience

UniServe™ NXT is a comprehensive customer engagement and information management platform that digitalizes Omni-channel customer experience. With our unified platform you could maintain a single customer relationship across all s  [...]


38. Digital customer engagement for greater experience & loyalty

Customer Communications Management solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform enables businesses to achieve customer centricity with minimal carbon footprint on the environment. Enterprises with large customer bases can intelligen  [...]


Transform your customer experience and equip business agility