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GST E-Invoicing

An integrated E-Invoicing Solution with 100% GST Compliance

A 100% compliant, intelligent e-invoicing and filing solution built on UniServe™ NXT

GSTech is a compatible technology solution that can be regularly updated as per tax requirements, flexible to support compliance obligations across jurisdictions. We help you bridge the gap between your ERP and E-invoice Schema of GSTN based on PEPPOL standards.


Simplify the GST invoicing process

Our e-invoicing solution helps to improve ‘ease of doing business’ while ensuring 100% compliance to GST. The solution integrates seamlessly with your ERP, converts invoices to the IRP-readable JSON format and you can sign the invoices digitally.

Reduce government intervention, achieve higher customer satisfaction, minimize commercial disputes and more.

Our Expertise in E-Invoicing

With more than 15 years of experience in invoice generation, compliance, Customer Experience management, digital penetration, and bill presentment, our solutions are tried and tested by Fortune 500s across the world. Here’s a case-study of our implementation involving JSON file generation, archival and duplicate bill presentment with complete security and compliance in a large enterprise in Africa.

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Latest updates

E-invoicing as approved by the GST council has gained importance among the business community. E-invoicing is scheduled to be rolled out for large taxpayers having an aggregate turnover of ₹500 crores or more from October 2020. Given that we still have few weeks left before the implementation date, companies, where e-invoicing is applicable, should undertake all efforts to implement the new system with the help of technology solutions like ours, so that the intended benefits are maximized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

E-invoicing is a form of billing that is presented to the buyer in electronic (rather than paper) format via a predefined structured data exchange.
E-invoicing methods are used by trading partners, such as customers and their suppliers, to present and monitor transactional documents between one another and ensure the terms of their trading agreements are being met.
E-Invoice is a standard format of the invoice recommended by the GSTN for the GST registered suppliers. Under the new e-invoicing system, taxpayers will have to generate invoices following the guidelines set by the GST Council.
In an e-invoice system, an invoice is issued, transmitted, received, processed and stored electronically using specific document formats. E-invoices are digital throughout the entire document life cycle, from issuance to archiving.
E-invoicing software digitally extract in stores all of the invoice data in a cloud-based Hub without the need for paper or manual intervention from the finance department. After you create rules within the system that best align with your current invoice process, the e-invoicing system will handle the rest.

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