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Onboarding is now easy with our Digital customer onboarding solution

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Onboarding is now easy with our Digital customer onboarding solution


Never again let your customers wait, thanks to our digital onboarding solution. Today, customers expect an instant experience when they open an account or apply for a service. Digital onboarding is easy with our solution. All possible with a simple click of the necessary documents via their smartphone or tablet, or by uploading their identity documents to a webportal. Plus your customers don’t have to come to the branch anymore!

Features of the Digital Onboarding Solution:

  • NIN Based Customer enrollment via finger authentication process
  • NIN Based customer onboarding via Photo matcher process
  • Connect to national database for eKYC to gather customer details and avoid data entry costs
  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs by 40%, improve data accuracy and gain competitive edge

Benefits of the solution:

  • Accelerate your verification process through automated workflow and in-turn improve your revenue realization period.
  • De-duplication on existing customer database to identify existing relationship of the customer helps in adhering to compliance requirements and establishes a unique identity of the customer across LOBs.
  • Eliminate physical customer application form (CAF) as the e-CAF (PDF) is automatically generated.

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