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Pre-bill auditing automation for telecoms

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Pre-bill auditing automation for telecoms


Contain revenue leakage with UniServe™ NXT

Telecom Service Providers today face many challenges like growing digital adoption of consumers, stiff competition, stringent regulatory mandates and high operational expense of business processes. They are now identifying themselves as Digital Service Providers. With the increase in products and services the complexity too increases. Customer Experience, Customer retention and telecom regulations make it highly critical for accurate invoices to be sent to customers

How the solution helps?

Unique, one of its kind, Financial Reconciliation Solution helps enterprises arrest revenue leakage by automating financial reconciliation process. With this solution, enterprises can improve revenue, enhance customer experience, confirm to regulatory requirements with lower cost and personalize offerings to customers.

The solution automates the entire invoice audit process at multiple places in the life cycle from when the customer uses the service to a charge showing up on the invoice.

The way forward

As TSPs work towards minimizing risks such as revenue leakage, inaccurate invoices, and reduce customer complaints it is important to have a robust mechanism in place that can work with a large sample size.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility