February 2016

Go beyond insights from big data, act on them to build business agility


We all know that the ability to make quick decisions that will positively impact customer experience is critical in today’s ‘age of the customer’. Having a clear understanding of their demands and interests is crucial if you wish to get their mind share. Most companies have invested in big data technologies to help them derive insights to tailor personalized and context relevant experiences to their customers.

“In a Gartner survey of 437 members, the proportion of companies investing or planning to invest in big data is at 76%, 3 percentage points higher than 2014″

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Eduardo Silva

Eduardo has more than 16 years’ experience in the telecoms and IT industry, shaping next generation technology introduction and transformation. Currently leading Intense Technologies’ European region, he is invested in customers’ success with their digital customer experience to create more focused customer-oriented organizations.

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How Analytics Can Help you Drive Customer Centricity

analytics -to-drive--customer-centricity

Using Analytics to Drive Customer Centricity

Much attention and discussion today is focused on “big data” and how it can be used to various advantages by business. Every credit card transaction or online transaction processing function generates data that can provide you with valuable information about your customers. Traditionally businesses obtained information collectively after-the-fact in a batch mode that provided some level of insight to past activities. But competitive markets require business agility that responds quickly to changing customer demographics and the need to interact effectively with the customer. Businesses that commit to a customer-centric culture and strategy will realize competitive advantages in numerous ways including:

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Our enterprise software products are used globally by Fortune 500s for digitalization of customer experience life-cycle, resulting in greater customer-centricity and reduced operational expenses

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