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Provide Superior Customer Experience

Your enterprise customers expect more from your business—and as some of your most valuable customers, they deserve it. However, when your legacy systems aren’t equipped to deliver an enhanced customer experience, you risk sending customers into the arms of competitors. UniServeTM CorpCare allows you to provide a unified Digital Customer Experience without stripping the infrastructure that’s already in place.

Empowering Enterprise Customers

Intense Technologies’ UniServeTM CorpCare is an advanced B2B Customer Experience platform. By transforming the digital experience, it empowers your customers, without completely replacing your legacy systems. Using an integrated, powerful platform, you can provide customers with a seamless experience, sure to earn loyalty and long-term relationships.

With UniServeTM CorpCare, your customers can view their billing information, identify spending patterns, manage their budgets effectively, and request new services, all from a user-friendly, self-service online portal. Your enterprise end-users benefit from a consolidated view of expenses across diverse lines of business, with the power to segment and analyze by geography and departments.

Improving the Customer Experience isn’t just about retaining the customers you have: It’s about elevating your reputation, attracting new prospects, and fostering long-term loyalty. When you help customers do more, you’ll be rewarded with more business.

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Digitalization of Enterprise Customer experience
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