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Digital Transformation of Enterprise Customer Experience


Digitalization of your B2B customer experience

The world's second largest telecom service provider was increasing their wallet share through Mergers and acquisition and launch of new products. This eventually led to a complex IT eco system where multiple systems operated in silos. Multiple billing, bill presentment, CRM, analytics, Self-care and distribution systems operated in silos resulting in a disjoint experience. Manual intervention in executing processes was laborious and increased inaccuracies. Maintaining multiple redundant systems further increased costs. Absence of single view of the customer to multiple stakeholders was resulting in more disputes.

The business impact was High operations costs, inconsistent customer experience and increased DSO.

B2B Customer Experience for Telecoms

Here's how we helped the TSP with a drastic reduction in expenses within the 1st year of implementation of our award winning UniServe™ NXT platform.

The TSP redefined their B2B customer experience with our B2B Customer Experience Solution built on UniServe™ NXT platform and decommissioned multiple self-care, CRM, Analytics, bill presentment, and distribution systems with a single platform there by providing superior customer experience and reducing operations costs.

Increased customer satisfaction because they can:

  • Have role specific access to view and analyze bills
  • Have the flexibility to manage conglomeration of telecom expenses w.r.t. to their organizational needs
  • Allocate budgets and analyze spend w.r.t. departments to generate reports
  • Raise and track trouble tickets to ensure timely resolution
  • Set alerts and notifications for threshold limits

Stakeholder benefits

  • Account managers were now up-selling instead of handing disputes
  • IT operations had lower costs due to reduced number of applications
  • CRM was efficient as a result of lower call handling time and availability of single source of truth
  • Marketing was pleased to ensure consistent brand experience across lines of business
  • Finance team had faster revenue realization and automated reconciliation of accounts
  • Reduction was seen in operational costs
  • Process automation was seen by integrating 17 systems
  • A single invoice presentment; Self-care, analytics and CRM across lines of business.
  • Reduced OPEX Cost by implementing the tactical billing transformation program
  • Reduced costs by eliminating dependency on legacy third-party reporting systems

UniServe™ NXT based B2B solution can take your enterprise to the NEXT level!

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility