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Analyze customer information
to gain useful insights
and ensure billing accuracy

Your customers want to interact with your brand as a single entity, despite buying multiple services, and expect you to deliver 100% accurate bills. Broken customer experiences that do not completely address the needs of your customers will adversely impact loyalty.

Automated pre-bill auditing for greater customer loyalty

UniServeTM Assure automates pre-bill auditing of all your bills to ensure billing and metering accuracy. Regulatory mandates of containing metering inaccuracies in the permissible range can be adhered without dependence on skilled manpower.

Revenue leakage can be prevented by proactively auditing bills for accuracy of rate plans, recurring and non-recurring charges, discounts, subscription to various schemes, and VAS services. With UniServeTM Assure, all your bills are checked for accuracy without restrictions on sample size, depending on business requirements.

Validation of plan configurations, available in different billing sources, is achieved as rate plans are configured into an independent component to cross-verify. Reduced bill disputes result in greater customer loyalty and reduced customer support costs.

Tailor made loyalty programs to engage better

Intense Technologies UniServeTM 1Vu unifies customer information lying in silos across multiple systems and establishes a 360-degree view of the customer. Insights help in designing loyalty programs suited to the individual needs of the customer.

UniServeTM 1Vu has strong data management capabilities that help in connecting with multiple legacy applications and standardize data inconsistencies to create a single identity of the customer.

The application enables e-stapling of statements, offering your customers a consolidated view of their relationships while reducing operational expenses. Internal stakeholders are empowered with the right information about customers, resulting in lower call handling time, swift service, and reduced customer support costs.

Delivering superior customer experience is all about making the customer feel that every interaction he is having with you is designed exclusively for him. Making sense of customer information, scattered across complex IT systems, is an important tool to learn more about your customers.

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