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Acquire customers faster with customer-centric, modernized order management and digital onboarding

Spiraling customer acquisition costs and inevitable delays, associated with disjoint order management across service portfolios and paper driven onboarding, can be reduced significantly with digitalization.

UniServeTM Order Assure, digitalization of Order Management, unifies processes across lines of business, helping you to provide superior experience to customers while ordering new services. Faster order cycle times, improved exception management, reduced order handling costs, and enhanced customer experiences are the benefits that you will accrue.

Modernization for building competitive advantage

By unifying multiple Order Management Systems, UniServeTM Order Assure centralizes order capture, decomposition, and management functions to decrease fallout rates for retail and enterprise customers. Your customers can now order multiple services through multiple devices and still be sure of fast and timely processing.

Bundle offers to promote greater customer loyalty can be planned and executed quickly with unification of the product catalogue across the service portfolio. The unified product catalogue has the ability to perform compatibility and eligibility checks, and manage order sequencing and dependency handling, to execute the order successfully.

Your customers and internal stakeholders benefit from greater visibility and order tracking abilities as UniServeTM Order Assure consolidates, coordinates, and orchestrates information to various systems like CRM, billing, inventory, workforce management systems, etc., to process multi-component orders.

UniServeTM Onboard, digital onboarding solution, automates the end-to-end process, giving you the advantage of starting your customer relationships by making them feel that it is convenient and easy to do business with you. Staying compliant, faster order-to-cash ability, and competitive advantage are the benefits that you will accrue.

Tab based automation for improved market share

Through the digitalization of customer onboarding process, UniServeTM Onboard helps automate the entire process of data capture, case management for data validation, and verification, triggering service provisioning and CRM Applications, and electronic archival of customer records. Your customer onboarding happens instantly and they will start using your services much sooner than they are doing now.

Compliance requirements specific to Know Your Customer, SIM registration and Risk Management can be adhered to with capabilities Customer Identity Management such as biometric capture, face recognition, de-duplication engine, digital signature, and the ability to connect to national databases to populate and validate customer information.

Solution is not just limited to onboarding, but extends the scope by empowering partners with mobile point-of-sale capabilities, like making payments, subscribing, and unsubscribing to various plans and updating customer information.

Business Process Automation of case management eliminates redundant data entry costs, improves data quality, and enhances operational efficiency, contributing to faster turnaround time.

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