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One Platform Better Customer Experience


Experience in the highly competitive business world, customer service, and customer experience are critical factors in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. Enterprises are adding more services to their business portfolios, due to M&A. And it is becoming more complex to reduce costs, deliver superior customer experience and simplify the complexities of M&A.


Business systems and all the operations are turning out to be a balancing act of multiple screens and applications. Keeping tab of customer orders, multi-channel communications, analytics, etc. is becoming tedious. Disputes arise out of manual errors and there is a significant waste of time and money in collecting information from different systems. These challenges are because of multiple legacy systems leading to multiple front-end systems.

Deliver superior customer experience

UniServe™ NXT, our innovative platform for delivering superior customer experience, will empower all your stakeholders with one portal that equips them with 360 degree view of all customer interactions and communications.

With our award winning UniServe™ NXT platform federate data from multiple business support systems into one unified platform in the shortest time.

The Digital Platform advantage

  • View customers with alerts and notifications, analytics, monthly bill.
  • Billing/invoice consolidation and payments are available to all stakeholders at the click of a button
  • Improve customer centricity, operational efficiency and reduced turnaround time.
  • Cut down on IT costs by almost 50 percent  .
  • Lay a strong foundation for billing consolidation without business disruption
  • Introduce more services and support business objectives.

Enhanced customer experience = customer retention

UniServe™ NXT, a tried, tested, and trusted platform used by Fortune 500 companies in 45 plus countries across 4 continents offers a 360 degree view of customer interactions and communications, a consistent customer experience and much more.

Take your customer experience to the next level today.

Transform your customer experience and equip business agility