Sign Up New Customers
Quickly, Easily, and Affordably

You’ve captured attention, demonstrated value, and won over new customers: Bringing them onboard shouldn’t be an obstacle. However, strict regulations and paper-driven processes eat up valuable resources, consume huge processing costs, and make for a frustrating customer experience—not the best first impression. Worse, a tedious onboarding procedure can cause a customer to second-guess and walk away.

That's where Intense Technologies can Help
Customer Onboarding

Save Time, Enhance Experience, and Ensure Accuracy

Customer Experience

Whether you’re signing new telecom customers, providing an insurance policy, or extending a line of credit, offering a quick and easy sign up process imbues your business with a distinct competitive advantage. With a digital customer experience platform, our technology efficiently leverages your legacy systems without uprooting them. Intense Technologies’ UniServeTM Onboard is a seamless solution and an invaluable tool to drastically streamline your onboarding time and save valuable resources.

  • Automatically populate customer information from publicly available records
  • Streamline onboarding with innovative mobile apps
  • Centralize customer data to seamlessly onboard when an existing client wishes to open an account in a separate line of business
  • Abide by compliance regulations with customized solutions and accuracy checks

We’ve been able to reduce one company’s onboarding time from 48 hours to just two hours, which broadly improved the customer experience and helped the company gain a greater market share.

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