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Establish a single identity of your customer effortlessly

A holistic approach in knowing your customer is becoming increasingly important for meaningful customer engagement. But the customer's identity is lost in a complex web of systems that operate independently. Persistent, sharable, and trusted versions of customer identity are not available, making it difficult to adhere to regulatory mandates. You are also losing out on opportunities of strengthening your customer relationships.

Customer Communication Management

Eliminate duplicate records, stay compliant, and enhance loyalty

Customer Identity Management

De-duplication of customer records to create a single ID of the customer across multiple lines of business, and linking related records and creating a family ID, are important to gain useful insights of your customer. Intense Technologies UniServeTM1Vu provides a scalable and flexible solution to accurately establish an identity of your customer across multiple subscriptions.

  • Online and offline de-duplication to suit business requirements
  • Standardize customer information with built-in data quality tool
  • Accuracy with comprehensive data dictionaries
  • Risk management by verifying customer information with national databases
  • Reduce operational expenses with e-stapling of customer communications
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement with tailor-made loyalty programs

UniServeTM 1Vu, a robust customer identity management solution, empowers enterprises to identify duplicate customer records across lines of business.

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